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May 23 2007

Boreanaz will star in basketball drama "Our Lady of Victory". DB plays Carla Gugino's husband, and the movie is set against the backdrop of the 1972 feminist movement.

It's great to see David expanding his horizons with the Off-Broadway play, the voice of the Green Lantern, the voiceover work for the NHL, and now working with Ellyn Burstyn in the film "Our Lady of Victory." I admire how David has worked on his craft. He is a talented actor. I look forward to seeing him in this film. I was glad to read that there will be gag reels in the season II "Bones" DVDs and that DB will be doing a commentary. I'm still hoping for a well-written romantic comedy for David in the not too distant future.
I'm kind of disappointed that someone beat me to posting this. It would have been my first post, but I'm still glad it's out there. Can't wait to see what else David has up his sleeves. I love Bones, and I'm going to see him when he's Off-Broadway. I've enjoyed watching him since I started watching Buffy and I love that he's continually getting work.

Now if we can just find a suitable job for Alexis... :)
Well, there's These Girls, that's a rom-com. Not seen it so I can't answer to the well written part. There was also I'm with Lucy. It's good to see David getting more work, hopefully this film will actually make the theatres. He deserves to be a really huge star.
The man stays busy, no doubt. I'm sure he's excited about the sports focus in this project, as he's such a huge fan of hockey and fantasy football.

"There was pressure to do this elsewhere, like in North Carolina...

Dang! George Clooney and Renee Zellweger were just here doing Leatherheads, and I was hoping eventually someone from the Whedonverse would end up shooting here. I understand why they'd want to keep it in Philly, though, and that works out well for DB since he's got family there. (Interesting that he's working with Marley Shelton again -- I hope they have more to work with in this movie than they did in Valentine.)

Incidentally, I wonder if there's been any talk behind the scenes of doing a Bones big screen film?
Even though it's not a romatic comedy David's movie 'The Hard Easy' just came out on DVD ... and got some good reviews.
I'm watching "The Hard Easy" right now. I thought David was good in "These Girls", and I look forward to this next indie film. I read that they started filming today, but still needed some extras. Now that would be a fun job. It is great though that DB will be working with Ellen Burstyn.
I have the DVD's for all DB's movies, and unfortunately, most of them are not too good. Actually, IMO, "Valentine" is the best. "These Girls" and "Mr. Fix-It" are both entertaining, but somewhat cheesy. "The Crow IV" is pretty bad though David is quite good in it. I only watched "I'm With Lucy" once, and while David's acting is good, the character is one I could not stand. "The Hard Easy" I have not seen though it is on its way (come on, postal carrier!). I also heard the reviews were good but the reviewer I read said it had the F word (not firetruck) in every sentence. The trailer I saw for "Suffering Man's Charity" did not make me want to see the movie at all. Of course I will.

I hope "Our Lady of Victory" is good, but I still think he's meant for a big movie someday. And, of course, he is so wonderful in "Bones". Love that show!

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