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July 30 2002

Tony's arbitrary todge. An interview with our favourite ex-librarian, on sausage and ego.

Head's promoting 'Manchild', and gives us some insights into his acting techniques. (Something I wish more interviewers would highlight)

To research the role, Head says, "I went up into this high school cafeteria where kids were having their lunch, and I was struck by this extraordinary feeling: Their world was so alien to me. And I realized, this is exactly what Giles is about..."

Well that explains a few things. ASH is incredibly adept at perpetually showing Giles as a fish out of water, particularly in the early seasons. After "Band Candy" Giles seemed to start suffering from a second childhood, midlife crisis kind of thing. That's where he was throughout season four while Buffy was in college. Giles wasn't a librarian OR a Watcher. He had trouble redefining his place in the universe. It's the little subtle things about ASH's performance which make Giles so heartwarming. Over the years, being around the Scoobies started causing him to de-age, while also helping Buffy mature in season five. His presence and lack thereof were both strongly felt in season six. I think this season we may see a conflict within Giles, where he's torn between his world in Sunnydale and his world in England. They're dramatically different. Hopefully we'll get a glimpse of the modern-day "Ripper" this season, a precursor to the inevitable BBC series.

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