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May 23 2007

Veronica Mars the next Serenity? Michael Ausiello reports that Rob Thomas wants to make a Veronica Mars movie, and namedrops Firefly as the little show that could - and did - inspire a feature film.

Browncoats abound in the comments section.

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Well, I just posted this also in .org.
So I'll repeat my comment.

A Veronica Mars big screen feature follow up?
It's interesting. The comparison to our beloved Firefly / Serenity, does make me wonder if the VM fanbase was ever as strong as us browncoats? Maybe I am biased, most of us are, but the browncoats as a fan community seems much stronger than VM's fanbase ever was.

Plus we did get those amazing numbers on DVD sales for the Firefly box set.
At the risk of offending, erm, everyone... Iím a much bigger fan of Veronica Mars than I ever was of Firefly. So, obviously, this prospect excites me to no end - especially given the loose ends left after last night's finale. But I have to feel like this will never be more than wishful thinking. The cast of Firefly had a camaraderie that probably doesn't exist on Veronica Mars. Also, at the time between Firefly and Serenity, nobody in the cast had the kind of career momentum that Kristen Bell has right now. Her schedule will probably fill up really soon.

It would be amazing though. If anyone hears about any serious rallying for the cause, let me know.
I wouldn't compare Veronica Mars and Firefly because I loved them both passionately, and I will always be thrilled to get a little more of either one (preferably both) in any format possible.

Last night's Veronica Mars finale really left me wanting more, the emotional impact was tremendous (had me on my feet several times).
On the other hand, "likeable college student solves murder mystery" is probably an easier sell as a standalone feature than Serenity was. There's a lot less essential backstory to fill in.
Michael Ausiello also spoke with Amy Sherman and she's interested in doing a 2 hour Gilmore Girls TV Movie in the next year or two to tie up loose threads.

And MTV is reporting that Michael Patrick King just signed on to direct a big screen Sex In The City movie.He was a executive producer and creative force behind the show.They are hoping to start filming in the fall and the cast is in negotiations right now.

Talk of Veronica Mars,Sex In The City and Gilmore Girls all getting on-screen continuations post series,just makes me want a big screen Buffy Movie all the more.

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Heh. Nothing changes.

Not going to hold my breath.
The Invasion people have been on about this as well.

One thing to destroy hope for all (uhm, yay): Firefly fans didn't make Serenity get into production. Joss did. Universal did. So I think comparing fan bases, a little pointless.

What it comes down to here is: Does Rob have the contacts to get it off the ground? Would anybody fund it? I've no idea of the answer of those questions, but for the Veronica Mars fans I know, I hope yes.

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I'm not too optimistic, but it would be fantastic if it somehow got the green light. However, as with Serenity, I'm sure a VM film could be fantastic, but it won't be quite the same as having many hours of entertainment over the course of a season, and all of the long term plot and character developments that come with a series. Particularly with an idea like VM that has so far been so heavily based on season long mysteries [the first two seasons at least] and long running arcs which really give the show a structure and sense of purpose.

I have no doubt that Rob Thomas could make an excellent movie based on VM, but I think by its very nature it would have to be quite different from the show, just as Serenity had to be different- for example, by focusing really on two of the nine main characters.

I'd love to know how Joss feels about VM's future. It's a shame he isn't now in the position of someone like Lucas or Spielberg who has the resources available to support something like VM, as well as the Buffyverse. Although I think it would be really interesting to see Joss and Rob work together in the future.
I haven't watched VM since the first season, but was last night the finale? I did watch that and it felt very much like they didn't know they'd be cancelled...hmm. Kind of unsatisfying.
Ack- the 2 hours would have made a fine season ending episode, but as a series ending it sure was less then satisfying. I'll really be missing VM, which I felt was getting really good again, after a deadish patch.I'd like to think there would be more, but there has also been talk of the CW network being interested in some other project with RT and KB. If that's happening, a VM movie- for tv or the big screen would be pretty effectively out for the time being. Unless that's the other project Ausiello and others are referring to.
I suppose one advantage Thomas has is his relationship with Joel Silver, although we all know that doesn't necessarily equal a finished movie...I would imagine a film could be shot fairly cheaply, too, but as someone else pointed out, the rest of the cast will probably be moving on quickly to other projects. I only hope Thomas returns to the small screen with another brilliantly written show, and that Bell doesn't disappear into Broadway musicals (glad she likes them, but it limits her visibility with those of us who don't live anywhere near Broadway).
Rob Thomas said that he hadn't heard of The CW's plans to continue VM in any way after that announcement was made.

I don't think we'll ever get the right amount of closure with Veronica Mars if it's wrapped up in a film. The only way is if we get the show back and it runs its course and it ends when it ends.

Losing this show is a travesty. A true loss. A death. Just like Firefly was.

The bitterness may someday subside, but I'll miss this show and these characters forever.
Would love a feature film of Veronica Mars. I am bummed that this show got cancelled as it was/is one of my favorites.

I'm all for a feature film.
Also, we should all take into account that if the show DID return for a fourth season, it would be set four years in the future and all of these unresolved issues would still be more or less unresolved. There was a talk of a cast overhaul with Kristen Bell being the only returning member, and possibly even a title change.

The show would've been completely re-vamped and while we'd still watch, it'd be like investing in a new show.

Considering all of that, I'm becoming more accepting of the season-turned-series finale.

I mean, I'm still pissed and later I'll cry into my dvd box sets, but for the moment, I'm holding it together pretty well.
All of this (possibly) false hope flying around makes me anxious. I loved the show in the beginning, but then it kind went in a different direction so I was okay with maybe saying goodbye. And then, out of nowhere, were these really great two FINAL episodes and now I'm sad again for what could have been. Now I find myself getting excited about a project that probably won't happen. Let me off this crazy ride!
I think the four year jump would actually make an excellent cornerstone for a film. It's a perfect way to introduce new characters and a new story, while retaining Veronica, Keith and some of the cast. I think the new "FBI VM" would be an easier sell to a movie studio. (But maybe it's just wishful thinking)
I think we should all egg Dawn Ostroff's house. With fire balls.
I would love a Veronica Mars movie!

Losing this show is a travesty. A true loss. A death. Just like Firefly was.

I'm really sad and angry Veronica is canceled, too. The show was just getting really great again. But, it's not as bad, in my opinion, as the Firefly cancelation was though.

Heh. Nothing changes.


Well, we are actually getting the Futurama continuation (that Ghost Spike was afraid would never come) later this year.
God, yes. More Veronica please.

I don't know if there is or will be anything else on the TV dial that will give me the range of emotions that were in the final scenes of last night's episodes. I've looked, I'm a channel flipper, I'll try pretty much anything, but shows like Veronica Mars don't come along very often. It wasn't always easy viewing, because you didn't always get what you wanted or expected, but it was a show that looked both ways, past and future, working angles in plot and characterization that unfolded over weeks and months and even years. Which can make it a sometimes unsatisfying weekly TV show, but a great DVD, and oh-so-necessary viewing (and re-viewing) for this couch potato.

I'm going to miss it.
I am devastated about VM's ending. It was really getting good again IMO. They were losing me at the beginning of this season but these past several episodes reminded me of the uniqueness of this show's style, the smartness of the dialogue, and the brilliance of some of the actors. I didn't realize it would hit me this hard! *tear* (trying to hold it together like TheZeppo...)

I'd be up for any continuation but also feel like its wishful thinking.
Interesting point, bigsofty, but it makes me think of when Buffy ended and the nuclear explosion of emotions it caused inside all of us.

I thought, "There will never be another Buffy."

But before that, when Freaks and Geeks suffered a similar fate to Firefly's, I thought, "There will never be another Freaks and Geeks."

I felt the same way about the British Coupling, but How I Met Your Mother is reminiscent enough to fill the void left by that show's departure.

Same with the new Doctor Who, and how it's currently satisfying the fantasy/sci-fi/soap opera/comedy hole left by Buffy.

That's a lot of tv show name dropping (I could go further, trust me), but my point is: although we'll never have another Veronica Mars, we WILL continue to have shows that are just as challenging, intelligent, unpredictable, ahead-of-its-time, and wonderfully unrivaled.
VM works because of the small things: quick looks between characters, a throwaway line here and there; things which would inevitably be lost in any adaptation to the silver screen. I am much more in favour of the idea of a new series with the same main character.

I also think it's wrong to throw Firefly around as a precedent for these things. Yes, Serenity got made, but it didn't exactly tear up the box office. I think its mediocre success is more of a precedent in the minds of execs than its existence.
although we'll never have another Veronica Mars, we WILL continue to have shows that are just as challenging, intelligent, unpredictable, ahead-of-its-time, and wonderfully unrivaled.

I hope that's true, but I'm starting to think we're nearing the end of an era, where network television is concerned anyway. It'd be nice if we actually had to choose between a number of quality shows on any given night rather than waiting for them to come along one or two at a time. Most nights I find myself at the computer or reading. Maybe I'm just more discriminating these days.
I'm just a bit hurt that the same rumor for Wonderfalls never happened. It would have been like Amelie but in English for lazy movie viewers!

As for the same thing happening for Veronica Mars... I think by nature her detective noir with a twist thing works pretty well (Like Brick, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Sin City, etc) so it'd be interesting to catch K-Bell in whatever form comes up next. I'm a bit surprised that they're being so evasive about the series ending though. I know that Gilmore Girls sort of came unexpectedly, but they knew to prepare for it and fans did too, long before the series actually ended as I understand it.
Two factors to consider, as Craig Oxbow suggested, the Veronica Mars premise is a million times easier to sell/describe than Serenifly, fan-base or no. Also, as we learned, fanbases can only go so far in selling a movie these days anyhow.

Another is budget -- obviously much cheaper to produce than a an effects and stunt-work heavy space opera like "Serenity."

To me, this project stands or falls on how the suits assess the appeal of Kristin Bell, and she's pretty #@#$# appealling. Besides, I doubt Thomas would mention if there wasn't at least some interest out there.
I think we should all egg Dawn Ostroff's house. With fire balls.

I'd help, but I don't have enough levels of Wizard yet. Sorry.
OMG, yes!! I'm not going to put too much hope into this since my heart was broken regarding the ikeSa ovieSa (I can't even say it).

If this AND GG had movies, I would squeee so loud the entire universe could hear me.
I loved Veronica Mars but this season was really crummy...until, out of nowhere, last night rocked the casbah.

I wasn't sad about the cancellation--I was more sad about the deteriorating quality--but now it MUST come back...!

VM's nowhere near as good as Firefly, and I only had a few sniffles instead of the waterfalls Firefly's cancellation caused, but I'm dying for more.
It is a terrible shame the network wasn't big enough to let them in on the cancellation earlier so the final episodes could tie up at least SOME of the lose ends.... That said, I think I'm still in denial that the show is over. It was the only thing I watched live anymore. I would adore seeing a movie and the fan base is huge for this show (anyone else thinking the Neilson ratings process is due for a much needed revamp?), so it will surely get the support it would need.
Harmalicious, unless my Pig Latin is rusty...your heart was broken over a Sike Sovie?

OOooooh, wait, you mean the ikeSpay ovieMay? Yes, I still see the wretched crap on the SciFi network like 'Kaw' or 'Boo' or 'Mansquito' and wonder why that stuff couldn't be scrapped in favor of one freakin' ikeSpay ovieMay???
I want the ikeSpay ovieMay!! And the AithFay on a OtorcycleMay, too.
I saw a couple episodes when it first aired but couldn't ever get into it. Didn't seem like anything new or groundbreaking to me to keep my interest.

Seems like a lot of people are using Firefly/Serenity as an example of theatrical releases made from tv shows. Serenity wasn't even a box office success - unfortunately.
orangewaxlion, the difference between the noir style of Veronica Mars and the noir style of Brick is that Brick was ALL ABOUT fulfilling that style.

The reason I think Veronica Mars was so appealing in its first season was that it had a character in an instantly sympathetic position (drugged and date raped; disappeared mother; just-murdered best friend) who rose above all of it with enough power and strength and will and all of those words to track down her drugger and date rapist and help prevent it from happening to other girls, find her mother, and expose her best friend's murderer.

The show started to go downhill for me when the stories became less about Veronica's character than clues and red herrings and big reveals.

WHICH IS WHY I loved the second half of the third season. We love the show because we love the character. For me, the show WAS the character. I don't see how a film could be any less personal. It might fill two hours of our lives with a fun rollercoaster of a mystery, but I'd bet we wouldn't have a seemingly throwaway scene between father and daughter or two friends in a lunch line.

Veronica Mars, the show, banked heavily on those exchanges. Stripped of that, it's CSI: Neptune.
Am I in the minority in thinking the VM actually had a pretty good finale? I mean I loved it in the same way I loved "Not Fade Away"... not as MUCH as I loved "NFA", but in a similar way. Both pay homage to the orgins of the respective series', and both manage to leave unanswered questions while still feeling like a perfect ending.

Or maybe it's just me.

In any case, I'd rather the show just stay as is. I don't think we need a big screen continuation. But then I don't think we need an Angel Season Six either, and I KNOW that one is just me. *shrug*
Rob Thomas was originally a novel writer and I think his idea for VM came from a novel that he decided to turn into a tv show. So how about continuing the story in novel form? I'd buy that.
So how about continuing the story in novel form? I'd buy that.

If it keeps him away from television, I'm all for it. I find it ridiculous that he didn't give the audience a better finale, something to see the show off - after barely getting a full season three and the writing being on the wall all year!
In fairness to Rob Thomas, The CW have been up and down about VM's future all season. Towards the end it was looking good, at the very least for the FBI thing. I don't think they would have helped their case by writing a series finale months before the renewal was going to be decided (as those episodes will have been written and shot a while ago).
A VM feature? I'm so in.

As for getting it made, Joel Silver could get it green lit, ain't no doubt about that. I know he's gotten a low budget movie made for a friend of mine so this is really possible. Whether it will happen, I don't know, but yeah baby, it's very possible.
In fairness to Rob Thomas, The CW have been up and down about VM's future all season.

It got a 13 episode third season and was lucky to get the back seven - not even the back nine for a full 22.

And even if the FBI thing was likely to go ahead, it would have basically been a different show. So he should have written a conclusion to the first three years and not left it so open.

If they really wanted to keep the show, writing a better finale wouldn't have changed their minds.
And as a tribute to joss they'll kill of Veronica in the movie.
They could just rename the new Nancy Drew movie coming out and say it's a Veronica Mars prequel. Bada-bing.
I hope this happens years down the line. I hope we come back to the story with some distance from what we experienced in season three.

I hope it has an adult-ish age Veronica working at the FBI.

It makes sense that these characters would not be around each other for years and their reunion in some sort of circumstance really makes the whole "we used to be friends..." aspect much more fitting.

Duncan's daughter could be of speaking age. The mother could come back...but all of this doesn't even have to be a part of the main plot of it.

I think a feature film written and directed by Rob Thomas (perhaps the only man who can handle the VM universe with complete correctness) is a positive idea. Perhaps the actors will get more "name" value as the years tack on and it will make the film more salable.

The finale was great. It redeemed Logan's recent lameness and used all the characters as they should be used.

I really really hope that when the movie gets made that the original theme song is somehow primely placed. I miss the hell out of that song. I never got used to the new one.

I also feel unsatisfied by the finale in a big way. It was wonderfully done but I found myself sorry that the last two episodes were not the first two episodes of this past season. I felt like Rob Thomas was shouting, "This is what made this series work." I just could not tell who the message was for. The audience already knew, and if it was for the suits, it seems like he should have tied it up better so the loyal audience could have had better closure.

Could it be that this story line was written to fulfill the original order and when the last to episodes were axed they did not fully rewrite the arc...just chopped it in half?
Am I in the minority in thinking the VM actually had a pretty good finale?

Actually, I felt that way too, and I also thought of "Not Fade Away." I'm not sure how different the finale would have been had it been a "series" finale. It would probably have been open-ended, though perhaps in a slightly different way. But I think the down-beat life-goes-on-and-isn't-it-a-muddle ending suited the show perfectly.
"I also think it's wrong to throw Firefly around as a precedent for these things. Yes, Serenity got made, but it didn't exactly tear up the box office. I think its mediocre success is more of a precedent in the minds of execs than its existence."

Yes this. I wouldn't even call Serenity a mediocre success moneywise (I doubt it is in the black almost two years after release). Selling a VM feature using any comparison to Serenity will not help Rob Thomas at all. Best to just not mention it.
Pumps: "And as a tribute to joss they'll kill of Veronica in the movie."

That was just wrong and funny.
Oh, a Veronica Mars movie would be so awesome.
I actually had a different reaction to the two hours. The first hour just went right through me: good dialogue, yes, more Weevil, yes, but Weevil being framed has been done before this season, and a bunch of yuppy rich kids being responsible didn't add much. It didn't really develop Weevil's character beyond what had already been done. Had it happened earlier in the season, back when it was soon enough after last season to think he might actually be going back to criminal things, maybe, but as

The actual finale worked better, partly because of its efficiency: it dealt with the Parker/Logan breakup quickly early on, and then in turn had Veronica getting help from Wallace and then Weevil and then Mac to solve it, emphasizing her community. Keith giving up everything for V broke my heart. Logan standing up for her, damn the consequences and life-threats, and Veronica's little look of awe, warmed it. The last shots were perfect, and power to RT et al. for ending the show on an emotional note (Veronica just votes and walks out into the rain) rather than a plot one.

Still, the Castle plotline pissed me off more'n'a little. 11th hour introductions can work (c.f. The Circle of the Black Thorn, which is somewhat similar), but we know nothing about this group's motivations, membership, level of influence, besides just "a lot." Veronica's decision not to reveal the truth on this scale is unprecedented, but was only briefly mentioned before she inexplicably gave the list of members to Nish (which is it Veronica?). Jake Kane being tossed in there felt like an attempt to add resonance where none existed: there's really no reason that he couldn't have been anyone. The giant paintings of Lilly and Duncan struck a chord, but a hollow one; the Castle doesn't really have the slightest thing to do with Duncan or Lilly, nor does their paintings signal much anything to Veronica except whose house she's breaking into. I suppose there are some neat full circle effects though (once again Jake Kane runs Keith out of office, but this time it's for hiding the truth rather than pursuing it).

But overall it worked as a finale, and I've been pretty down on this whole season. I'm nervous about giving RT another shot honestly, but I'd go see it if it happened--provided it wasn't just about Veronica, and had most of Mac and Keith and Logan and Wallace and Weevil...and Dick, 'cause Ryan Hansen is just so good at making a jackass seem cool. It probably won't, natch, but I guess one could dream.
I'm pretty sure the secrets Veronica kept were regarding the actual "dark secrets" that every pledge confessed to. The list she gave to Nish likely had nothing more than the names on it.
Granted, but her giving the list to Nish still seems odd if she's going to keep the dark secrets. Wihout any supporting evidence it's not like Nish is going to be able to do anything...although it's enough information to spook them. I guess it's a complicated enough situation that I shouldn't criticize those particular details. :)

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