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May 24 2007

Parts 1 and 2 of a 3 part Steven S DeKnight interview. "When I write Lois I dip into my Buffy and Angel brain". Spoilers if you are still catching up on Smallville Season 6.

An interview that mainly focuses on his Smallville work but frequently references the singular vision of Joss Whedon and the control one has on Buffy compared to Smallville. Remember when you thought Smallville would be good? Me too...

Despite some annoying flaws in the show itself, I really like their take on Lois, which just made Bosworth take on the character in "Superman Returns" even more disappointing.
Durance, hip and indenpendent Lois Lane, compesated to all the annoyance that Lana Lang bacame.
Nah, the Duarance Lois was hired for T and A. So far, they've not bothered to give her much else.
Though Steven dips into his Buffy and Angel brain, I wish the show could dip into the Buffy and Angel quality pool. 'Cuz I can't stand this stuff. Lana/Clark (Clana? Lanark?)...gag. Lois...Margot Kidder was better
(I will say Erica Durance is better than Kate Bosworth was, but they could've cast Ernest Borgnine in that role and it would've been better). Chloe...okay, no complaints there. She's cute.

I'm still waiting for my dream episode, which I described in this thread (scroll down a little) long ago...
I have also been consistently disappointed with Smallville. Bear in mind that I have only seen as far as the end of season four at this point, but really it is only the occasional episode that really impresses and the rest of the time it's really, really mediocre, no matter how much I want to like it.

One of the pronlems stems from Tom Welling and Kristen Kreuk's bland performances, although Welling does rise to the occasion every so often and surprises you. Kruek however is just completely bland and unconvincing.

I think Smallville actually has a strong parallel with The OC, in that both have focused on two of the most bland characters [with Smallville, Clark and Lana, with The OC, Ryan and Marissa] and their torturous relationship, which is repeatedly tested by extremely repetitive situations. It doesn't help that both female "leads" [Kreuk and Mischa Barton] are famous solely for their looks and not for any charisma or acting talent they possess. And for most fans of both shows, it is the supporting characters who are of most interest because they are more than pretty faces- Chloe, Lana and Lex on Smallville and Seth and Summer on The OC [although someone did realise eventually that giving them more screen time was a smart move].

I think Smallville just lacks the kind of wit and intelligence, a certain energy and originality, that separates Joss' work from ordinary shows, and it's the kind of thing I noticed immediately with the likes of Veronica Mars and Battlestar Galactica. I continue to watch Smallville simply because it's bearable and mildly entertaining, if not particularly challenging.

However I do have to say that Erica Durance's performance in Smallville is quite brilliant, and reminds me of Teri Hatcher's take on Lois from one of the older Superman shows. She's fiesty, bright and funny, which is how I envisage the character. I haven't seen Superman Returns yet, but from what I hear Kate Bosworth's interpretation is nothing like that, which is quite disappointing. I anticipate another Kreuk-esque performance.
I stopped watching regularly after what I think was the second season, after a number of my off-the-cuff, half-joking predictions came true ("We'll do a season that's just all red kryptonite!") I still stumble across an episode or two when I'm over at a friend's place and it just reaffirms my lack of interest in turning the show on.

Part of the problem is that we know that the characters are fairly safe. We know Clark's gonna be alright. We know Lois is going to be fine. It's not as if we're in danger of someone, say, gouging out Lana's eye with his thumb.

Now, Lex, there's a character I'll watch for: his slow moral corruption, two steps back, one step forward, is awesome. Plus, what the inadvertent (maybe?) slashy subtext between him and Clark is fun to watch.

And, everyone's right - the two leads are bland. Easy on the eyes, but not particularly interesting.

Too bad they can't pick some heroine for a one or two episode arc, let Joss write it, and see what happens.
Well this is disappointing. I've been trying to get around to watching Smallville (especially once I found out James Marsters was in it). Despite said flaws, is it still worth watching?
I only watched SV when JM was on last year. Maybe I'm biased but I thought SdK's epis were far and away the best. Of course I also believe Ben hits it out of the park every time he writes a Supernatural epi and Drew is far and away the best Lost writer.

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