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May 24 2007

Vote for the World's Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity. It's that time of year again and nominees include Amber Benson.

Amber definitely takes the cake.

Anyone else notice that Serenity was there? For a minute there, I was like, "Well, the ship really isn't a vegetarian by choice..." before going, "Ohhhh..."

It also tickles me to no end that Casey Affleck, Dennis Kucinich, Paul McCartney, and "Weird Al" Yankovic are all on the same poll.
It's great that Chris Evans is a vegetarian. He's so hot.
WOW, I am in good company... lol. Well its nice to see vegetarianism being adopted more, not just because its a good thing but it makes it easier for people like me to eat outside. Im vegetarian mostly for religious reasons but there are health and environmental benefits. MY parents rased me as so and they are vegeatarians themselves, but when my parents came to Montreal 35 years ago and UK beforehand, it was clse to impossible for them to eat outside with exceptio nof a cheese sandwhich fries and salad.

Btw, anyone noticed that Don Imus is on the list? lol. And coo lthat K-OS is on the list, one of my favourite R&B hip hop artists! OH and Amitabh bachan is on there! GO BIG B!.

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Is Amber still a veggie? I seem to remember somebody here saying she had fallen off the bandwagon a while ago.
Wow.....I'm in good company as well. Veggie for six years and counting! :D

Didn't know that half these people were veggetarian.....

Voted for Amber and Milo Ventimiglia.
Who put the 'M' in vegetarian? Morrissey.
It was a surprise to me to see that the list has more men on it than women. I guess I figured it'd be more even.
Where's the Hoff? Oh wait...definitely not a vegetarian.
Amber's not a vegetarian anymore and hasn't been for a couple of years or more. Of course, she's still an animal lover if that counts! :-D
I learn something new everyday in this room. I never knew that Amber was a vegetarian.
And that amber is no longer a vegetarian? Someone should tell those peta folks..
I agree. As a vegetarian for the past 36+ years, I find it offensive to have people on the list who have given it up. I love Amber, but since she is no longer a vegetarian, I can't vote for her.
I, for one, am all for seeing more celebs (as well as common folk) switching to vegetarianism.

Leaves more sirloin and filet for us omnivores...
Does anyone actually have a reference for Amber not being a vegetarian anymore? I've only heard that from the comments here.
I totally agree Nebula1400.
I personally take the majority of facts about celebrity vegetarians with a pinch of salt. One small example, I was reading an interview with the actress Kathy Burke in which she was described as a vegetarian and later the interviewer and Kathy ate the salmon Kathy had cooked.
Azael, having had dinner with her somewhat recently and had her take a bite of my chicken piccata, I know she's not a vegetarian anymore (that, and I know the story behind WHY she's not anymore which I'm not positive she wants shared, so I won't). When she WAS a vegetarian, she actually made me tofu nuggets, so she should get some veg street cred for getting a major meat-eater to consider coming into the light. ;-)
Ozlady, thank you very much for that information.
You're very welcome moley75! Amber's still the awesomest no matter what she eats, right? :-D
moley75, the problem I find with the term "vegetarian", even though it should be simple, no meat and fish, maybe eggs , dairy ok(vegan no eggs and no dairy), but some people consider themselves pisco vegetarian, or vegetarian except chicken and fish etc.. ie, no red meat. Anyways in terms of celebrities doing anything I know, one shouldnt take it too seriously, but at least they are trying, and yes its possible to have some nice delicious meals without meat.
Kurya, I totally agree with you about the ambiguity of the word vegetarian these days. My father is vegetarian, but he still eats fish and other seafood. I'm not completely a vegetarian, but I don't eat a lot meat. With all the alternatives that are also yummy (and I happen to live down the street from a couple of inexpensive vegan and vegetarian restaurants and cafes), I probably eat meat maybe two or three times a month, and even then it's never red meat.
Amber is indeed awesome, OzLady.

Misuse of words irritates me (just one annoyance on a great big list) and people misusing vegetarian does bug me. I kinda think there is a clue in the word itself ;-)
My way of looking at it is if it has eyes, I don't eat it. I have tried to be vegan, but have cheated by having dairy now and then (but no eggs). My husband is one of those people who says he's a vegetarian, but he'll eat fish and chicken. Since I and 4 of our 5 kids are vegetarians or vegans, we've let him know that he isn't a vegetarian if he eats those. Since then, while he may cheat while we aren't looking, he's tended NOT to eat those things for years - even when he's had the chance to eat them (in frnt of us).

At any rate, this voting for the sexiest vegetarian celebrity is really only a publicity stunt to promote vegetarianism and veganism, so I don't take them seriously.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2007-05-25 22:07 ]
I'm just thrilled that so many people in the public are vegetaiian, no matter how you define it. But it's true, if Amber is eating chicken, she should no longer be on the list, no matter how you define the term. One definition that I think is universally accepted is that you don't have to not eat dairy in order to call yourself a vegetareian, that would make you a vegan.
To avoid confusion, I refer to myself as a "semi-vegetarian", as I eat fish and dairy.
For many of us who choose this way of eating, animal cruelty is at least as much an issue as health. Thus I always make it clear that the only dairy I eat is certified "free range organic".
I had to go with David Duchovny, but didn't realize you could vote for one man *and* one woman? I'll have to go back & check that out.
"It's true. Hitler was a vegetarian. Just goes to show, vegetarianism, not always a good thing. Can in some extreme cases lead to genocide."
Thanks a lot, zeitgeist. You can clean the snorted milk off my monitor now. ;-)

I was a vegetarian for about six months when I was in lust with a boy who was and wanted to make a good impression (this is when I was your age, billz, so you know how long ago it was ;-). Then I just had to have a burger and no tofu would do the trick. If it weren't bad for my health (and possibly my karma), I'd eat red meat every night now.

Like with just about everything in the world, moderation is a good thing and while I have respect for those who choose to sustain themselves with solely the plant life of our planet, I'm no more respecting of that if they're famous. Now if they can make tofu taste like ground sirloin... ;-)

[ edited by OzLady on 2007-05-26 22:45 ]
Hitler was not a vegetarian.
trepkos, thanks for that - having heard and accepted Hitler's vegetarianism for all of my life, it's interesting to see it debunked.

Having said that, I also agree with the article - his purported vegetarianism has never seemed to me to be a particular effective argument in terms of vegetarianism as a whole, anyway. It might possibly make people in general more peaceful, and still be the diet of a most violently-inclined person.

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