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May 24 2007

"On Monday we disbanded the Tarzan club". Joss talks about the first time he saw Star Wars (his clip starts at 0:38).

This is cool, I so wish I had cable to watch it.

although it's odd that when I watch the clips from episodes 1&2, all I can think of is Legos and Taco Bell.
Simon, the "Tarzan" club isn't ringing any lights. Could you shed a clue?
Madhatter, it's not a known reference, it's just something Joss explains in the clip, how Star Wars instantly eclipsed anything else.

My two biggest pop culture heroes, Joss and Colbert in the same clip. I love it!
Ahh, thanks jam2. Was starting to wonder here.

Please take care :).
I love fanboys and fangirls showing the love.

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willowy, say your piece.
Actually, I looked it up online - and it appears that there were very specifically commercial/cross-promotional ERB-Tarzan clubs. I found a little info here, but I'm sure there's more, for anyone interested.

Whether these clubs lasted until the seventies, or whether Joss' club was formal or informal, I dunno...
Still would rather hear from Willowy.
Tarzan sad.
I liked Colbert's line about,
"We didn't know how to explain this to our friends; That nothing was the same anymore. Nothing was the same."

That's exactly how I have felt three times in my life. First with the Original Star Wars, then with Serenity, and through that to the Ultimate Life-Changer: Firefly! :)
Madhatter: "Still would rather hear from Willowy."

What the huh? I do believe I'm missing a piece of the narrative, here...
I love it! I'll be there at 9:00 p.m.
No, Joss, you were not 11 when Star Wars came out, you were 12, almost exactly one month away from being 13, same as me. Well, okay, so I hit 13 a week before you did, but still...
Maybe Joss saw an early screening? Of course I saw it late in the Summer of 1977 because I had been out of the country when it came out (I was 27 years old and was still blown away completely).
Joss comes on again (at least once) in a later clip, talking about the realism and when the audience and Luke/Ben first see the Millennium Falcon.
Keep guessing.
Simon, thanks for posting this- hopefully this lays the 'Star Wars vs. Serenity' discussion to rest as to 'which is the better movie?'.

Not a question of what was better, it was what came first- just as old WW2 movies and old Flash Gordon serials had a overt/covert influence on Lucas' work, I think it's pretty clear to see that the same thing happened with the original Star Wars movies and Joss Whedon and Peter Jackson (and many other giant creators)... I'm sure it's not the only influence, but I think it's coĝl how (the original) Star Wars' humor and the humor in the Buffy series feel very similiar (to me, anyways).

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