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May 25 2007

James Marsters to appear at Dragon*Con 2007. According to his website, he'll be doing autographs and a Q&A session.

James is also appearing at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors in Secaucus, New Jersey on Friday, June 29 to Sunday, July 1.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! So excited!!! *turns into hysterical fangirl*

*is dead*
Well ... it's not on DragonCon's website yet ... but they are notorious for being unupdated (is that a word??) ... It's always a crazy weekend, but now it'll be insane :)
It IS on DragonCon's website now. Officially listed as a guest...wooot!

Now if they could only get some BDHs I'd be totally on board.

I mean, we've got the Vegas Browncoat Contingent, the Ozzie Browncoat Contingent, the UK Browncoat Contingent, plus Browncoats were the most visible fandom at DragonCon last year with the longest autograph lines (by far) as well as the longest Q and A session lines (by far).

If they don't invite some BDHs quick, they'll be really shooting themselves in the foot.

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