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May 25 2007

Joss to direct Osiris Release? According to iFMagazine Joss is one of a number of directors in talks to direct "Osiris Release" which is a movie from New Line Cinema about "five young men who discover that they are the reincarnations of ancient Egyptian Gods."

The film will be "situated in the modern day world" and "the new gods will have to use their super powers to protect the world from the apocalypse and a group of enemies yet to come."

Interesting story idea.. but I can't wait to find out if they actually talked with joss about it, or if he's just on a "wish list" of directors.
Urgh. I don't like that idea at all. It doesn't actually sound like something Joss would do.
Wonder if Anubis is one of the gods? Gotta love a deity with the head of a jackal . . .
Sounds awesome. And we already know Joss does this kind of stuff very well (Illyria anyone?).
This does not appear to jibe with this:

But right now, I’m interested in doing “Goners,” which is my own thing, as opposed to somebody else’s. I find that doing someone else’s thing is not working out so well for me—anywhere but in the word of actual comics.

Emphasis added.
Yup. And, you know, the Boss and if he decides to do that, well, yay!
But I vote for Goners.
*marks ticky box*
Well, if he's gonna, he's gonna, but I

(( XX )) Goners

*mark ticky Goners-box, too*

Gonersesarians is a patient lot, and self-amusing, too, but... some of us are fast getting older.

"It is a fantasy thriller, it is pretty dark and it's all me." - Joss said it...
(Just to be clear, the relevant bit there wasn't the Goners part, but the doing other people's stuff part.)
Yup - you were clear, b!x. We just hopped on it.
Bix, you are so picky! Since Goners is his own work and -not- someone else's work, which was clearly the point of your post, it -is- the relevant bit.
See, look at the quote QG used.
That's not a half-bad idea for a film, if done in an innovative way. Joss would be a shoo-in to direct something like that if he was so inclined, but like most everyone else in these parts I'm much more interested in seeing whatever project springs next out of Joss' head, rather like Athena born fully armed from Zeus' forehead.

Also, Jared Leto, way too long in the tooth now. Please, use one of the Winchester boys.
Bwaaaa haaa haaaa.

I definitely vote for Goners.

As described, Osiris seems little more than a Young Guns-ish "let's throw some young studs together and make a franchise" movie. I don't know why anyone with better things to do would want to direct it, apart from the large sums of cash the studio is likely to offer.

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Oh and this came via Oh No They Didn't. So anyone who falls for this, deserves all they get. It's the Sailor Moon rumour all over again.
bigsofty: "... the large sums of cash the studio is likely to offer."


If it keeps Joss focused on Goners, I'll direct it! Thus nobly sacrificing myself for the greater good. And the cash.
I say Joss should take it, switch it to 5 Goddesses, and RUN with it!
But... he said he´d direct my movie first. *pouts*

No really. I believe it when I see it. I think this just will be the new Joss-rumour-mill after they can´t guess who is going to be Wonder Woman anymore.
I do remember, when reading this, that "in talks" sounded an awful lot like the way Priyanka Chopra and a dozen other women were "in talks" to be Wonder Woman.

If only it were that easy. I'd just run around saying I was "in talks" to have Goners filmed here in Portland.

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What is that movie some members keep referencing in different topics here? Oh yes. Better than Joss directing The Ice Pirates 3: The Far Far Better Search for H2O. Er, or maybe not.

[ edited by Tonya J on 2007-05-25 23:26 ]
I just came back from Pirates 3. If any movie needed Joss rewriting it, that was the movie. My brain hurts.
Damn, I meant to write in that post, and I don't want to edit it again, that it would be kind of great to see Joss as a guest judge in the new Spielberg-produced series that just started, On The Lot. I'm not much of a Brett Ratner fan, Garry Marshall's done some good stuff, but I love Carrie Fisher. And they had Jon Avnet on last night.
I just think it's cool that Joss' name is one that gets bandied around with this stuff, rumory or not.
Covenant 2? Oye!

I vote for Goners.
Simon, we're just grasping at straws here. Waiting on Joss to create something.
Waiting on Joss to create something.

He is creating things. He just doesn't have a movie coming yet.
I say Joss should take it, switch it to 5 Goddesses, and RUN with it!
-Rogue Slayer

Heh heh heh... Now that sounds like a Joss project!
I assume hatter meant "waiting on Joss to get behind a camera again," and I'm right there with him/her (wouldn't want to cast aspersions or jump to conclusions, MH). I'm enjoying Buffy Season 8 like I haven't enjoyed comics since the 1980s, but the unique sensibility and comic book influence Joss has brought to the small and big screens are what I believe makes him Boss. This project would probably kick serious amounts of ass under his guidance, even though it sounds speculative enough that I won't hold my breath. But since people are starting rumors, you heard it here first: Joss is rumored to be in preliminary discussions to write and direct Pirates 4, Cool Hand Luke 2, Superman 5 and The Fast And The Furious: Cleveland Drift. Several highly inaccurate sources have reported he's agreed to shoot Captivity 2 as long as he's allowed to stake and/or behead the original filmmakers--with no cameras present.
I hope Joss doesn't read some of these comments and wonder if we've been hitting the Thunderbird and Ripple wine again ...
I'm sorry I stopped reading to laugh, then came back and stopped reading again after b!X said something about his being in talks to dress up as Wonder Woman for his cameo in Goners... oh, that's not what he said? See how rumours get started? River is made of chocolate, I'm just saying.

Rewrite of description of Big New Franchise(tm): several hot young next big things discover that they have been cast in a blatant attempt to cash in on the success of Heroes, which Tim Kring admits was an attempt to cash in on the success of Lost. Derivative much?

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in talks to dress up as Wonder Woman

What is it lately with people wanting to see me in a tiara?
Oh, no one WANTS to, but sometimes we get what we need (please lets not rehash that!).
I'm afraid that me in a tiara is strictly fanfic and in no way could be considered canon.
Oh dear sweet merciful Muppety Odin, you couldn't resist, could you, b!X?!?


(it was b!X/tiara fic excerpts, I swear!) Help, help, I'm being repressed by the admins... er, wait...
Osiris is where River and Simon Tam are from, that's cool.
*runs off to write b!X/tiara fic*
*avoids next PDX Browncoats shindig*
So we're back to the same question. What now?
Doesn't "Osiris" sound a lot like the non-descript movie last year about super-powered teens, staring WB mid-20s actors? I can't even remember the name... the Covenant. (I kept thinking "the Commitments", but that had more good acting and less superpowers.)
Don't think Joss is gonna do this one, not enough females you see...

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