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May 26 2007

Adopting the Hollywood Model for Comic Books. The New York Times looks at how comic book companies are changing their approach for creating comics. Joss speaks about his role of executive producer for Buffy season 8, "a nonexistent title in comics, but it best fits what I'm doing".

“They all have my sort of manifesto, which I update constantly,” Mr. Whedon said.

Good one, Simon.

I'll adopt the green ones. And the yellow ones as well.
Just read this in the print edition about an hour contains an excellent comic book illustration of Willow, Buffy, and Xander. A very cool article, which is very much Joss-centric.
I love that mentality.
Actually, what Joss will do for the Buffy issues he isn't writing sounds a heckuvalot like editing.

Keeping the continuity straight, coordinating the individual stories to make sure they service the larger whole--certainly editors at Marvel and DC, working on books within a shared universe, are familiar with that.

And ordinarily, the editors who try to get their stories told rather than the actual writers' are not exactly popular... but I guess in this case we can forgive Joss that. :-p
A Los Angeles Times review of "The Plain Janes," by Cecil Castellucci, who hearts Joss, who hearts "The Plain Janes." Regisration may be required.

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