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May 26 2007

New website for Adam Busch's band Common Rotation. Common Rotation's new website is now live.

Fans of Adam Busch and Common Rotation may like to check out their new site which includes a documentary, downloadable music and information about tour dates etc .The site promises a new song every day .
The link leads to a Flash heavy site with embedded music which can be slow to load on some connections.

First time I heard of his group. I really, really liked their music.
As a recently converted fan of the band, I really like this new site, and I encourage everyone to check it...and Common Rotation...out! :)
I've been a huge fan for years and I've always felt that their livingroom tour would make a great sitcom, but now I can see it is making for a great documentary!
I love their sound, especially the harmonies and (stripped down? uncluttered? minimalist? un-busy?) acoustic instruments.
Ooh the new site is fab! Thanks for the link, debw
You know, I knew Adam and friends had a band. But this is the first time I've heard their music. It's my kinda thang.
I like the new site, but I wish the documentary was downloadable. I hate the buffering of streaming video.
I've always loved them, and their new site is beautiful.
I got it: It's the soundtrack to Serenifly: "Better Days"!

ETA correction to another botched pop culture reference

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CoRo's new site and CD are really great. If anyone lives in the LA area and likes their music, they are doing a gig at the Hotel Cafe tomorrow evening (May 30). Also, Eric Kufs can often be found busking on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica most days. It's a great way to get a sense of CoRo's music, as he plays a lot of it, as well as some covers of James Taylor and others. All three members of CoRo are great musicians!

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