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May 27 2007

Charisma Carpenter joins the Toronto Fan Expo. August 24-26 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

This is pretty good news for CC fans- see if you can get some juicy behind-the-scenes goss!
I thought CC didn't do this kind of thing after a bad experience at a con once?! Or am I mistaken?

Anyway, since when did Angel "jump networks"? Facts would be a good thing indeed.
Charisma did not do conventions for a long time because of a bad expierences early in her Buffy days, but she did start doing them again around 2005. She does not do many. She has done 2 in SoCal, 2 in the UK, and this is her first in Canada.
I'm really looking forward to this. It isn't a great convention but they do get good guests. Let's just hope they remember to put her in a good sized room if she is doing a Q & A. Otherwise, there are going to be many of us in line for a long time to be sure we get in.
hey, i love charisma! my one and only reason to visit canada...oh, her and family. no, i guess just her really.

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