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May 27 2007

The joy of socks (according to David Boreanaz). Awesome, there's no other way to describe those lucky green Irish socks of his.

Bless his little cotton socks!
You've got to love his sense of humor. I hope the movie makes the release date for March to coincide with the NCAA tournament.
Anyone going to be in the crowd scenes shooting June 16 & 17?
Ooh, filming almost in our backyard. Hmm...

His dad was our weatherman growing up. No trip into Philly was complete without honking at Dave Roberts doing his report on the corner under the umbrella by the tv station. (I think I remember the network making him use an "easier" last name.)
Wow, he's had those socks for 10 years. Kind of gross, but also kind of adorable.
I love this man and the fact that he's kept these for 10 years makes me love him even more. Man after my own heart. I've got a pair of Top Cat socks (green, red and yellow) that I've had for about 15 years. They are getting a bit threadbare and I don't wear them much, but I just can't part with them.
I wish he'd give a pair of lucky socks to James Marsters.
If he only wears them at the beginning of new productions, they might be in pretty good shape...his projects seem to last long enough that he doesn't have to start stuff too often. Unlike some of our other favorites around here...
Hee, I love green socks too- except I make my own. I hope he at least washes them!
That is just too cute.
I love DB and his socks. And it's great how he's managed to incorporate that into Booth on Bones. It's a great character quirk which is more believable 'cause it's based in reality.
Heh! Thats great. I didnt know he'd been to Ireland. Some female friends of mine might just faint at the news lol

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