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May 28 2007

Pre-order Serenity Lunchbox. You can now pre-order the Serenity lunch box from TFAW and save 20%. It's due out September 16.

It's almost too beautiful.
wonder if it comes wth fruity oaty bars, and I didnt know they still made those.
Oh hells yeah. They will be mine!
Now if that ain't shiny, I don't know what is.

Fruity Oaty Bar forever!
(whispers) Actually you could have preordered it a month ago...
Do they take Paypal? If so, I'm all over it.
Pre-order is a luverly thing... :)
black business suit? check. tie? check. kiddie-looking lunchbox to razzle dazzle the execs? uh, check?

aw, what the heck...check :)
Who is this "Joss Wheden" about whom TFAW speaks?
Well, I think I'm a little bit past the age of bringing my lunch to school with me...what else could I use this shiny thing for??

Oh heck. *goes off to preorder* Anything I can do to help fandom!
what else could I use this shiny thing for??

Put your Serenity action figures in the lunchbox when you take them to work.
And, conversely, create dioramas with your sandwiches. In some quarters they'd call that art.
Finally! What took so long?
Okay, how do I justify spending money on a lunchbox when I work at home and my office is less than thirty seconds away from the kitchen?

C'mon, guys. I need an excuse! ;)
Um.... how about road trips etc.. or day trips etc... you may ned to take lunch with you, a few timeas a year, enough justification?
Also, a lot can happen to an unlunchboxed sandwich in 30 seconds or less. Better safe than sorry.
Put your Serenity action figures in the lunchbox when you take them to work.

Include some dinossaurs and miniature palm trees for extra decoration.
Hmm, road trips and/or possible unknown (although highly unlikely) sandwich peril in my hallway.

Works for me. Cheers, guys. ;)
I preordered mine about a month ago - CAN'T WAIT! I will pack my lunch in my new favorite lunch box. I love Serenity merch! My first post by the way... i've been reading post forever here so it's fun to actually have a say!

R5 I the only one who's wondering why they're releasing a 'school' product AFTER the school year begins? Honestly, what are they thinking? School begins in August here. LOL Now, how to justify to my husband buying my son a $15 fuity oaty lunchbox.
Kaele, seriously? You would buy the Serenity lunch box and then let your son take it to school? I was thinking I would use mine to store all my various Firefly buttons and badges. But I do have an old 'first aide' kit lunch box in the car which could be replaced (maybe I need to buy two Serenity lunch boxes?).
Firefly and Serenity Trading Cards should fit nicely in the lunchbox. I'm thinking a need two also. One to protect and one to carry lunch to work and store in the fridge as guerilla marketing.
Aww, no thermos? Would have been the perfect place for a Blue Sun Cola logo.
Embers: Of course I'd let my son do that. Why not? All my friends already like Firefly and Serenity, so how else to recruit new Browncoats? You display memorabilia in places people least expect! The kids would be too young to get it, but the parents and teachers would wonder and ask him. After all, he's got hundreds of dollars worth of Star Wars toys AND he's trying to get his grubby hands on my memorabilia anyway. What damage is a little lunchbox gonna do? *heehee*
Kaele: You are definitely a trusting person! lol
Meltha: You stole my thoughts on the Blue Sun Cola! Shiny if it were inside somewhere!
I love the lunchbox and I would love to bring it with me to work...I just don't know how that would look...hmmm...
That's the first luncbox purchase I've made in oh, a couple decades. Not sure if I'll use it for lunch or a good place to store my action figures. Real lunch boxes eventually suffer from food-smell. Gotta admit, it's very cool and tempting.

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