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May 29 2007

Christian Kane is sending up Smoke Signals. Kane has started a blog to keep in touch with the fans and to let us know what he is upto with his music, movies, and other various things.

Thanks, RavenU. What a nifty find. I don't have a Wordpress account so I can't comment. I have always wondered (since I live in Oklahoma) if Chris and the band have any plans to play here. It would be a treat to hear the guys play live. It would also afford me the opportunity to do the whole fangirl-swoon thing.

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I hope the next time Kane goes on tour, they make a stop in Michigan. It's hard enough to get a lot of mainstream bands here, so my fingers are really crossed.
Is Christian Native American? I'm just curious.
Yes, Chris is part Cherokee, not sure if there are more but I know he has talked about being Cherokee.
TamaraC - I seriously doubt it. Unless he's one of those people that claims to be 1/8 cherokee. As a Native American myself, I am always suprised by how many people are 1/8 cherokee.
kerfuffle - I think he is more than 1/8 - I think one of his grandparents was full blooded. Also just look at the boy you can see his Native American roots.
Ahh..RavenU...I just missed your post. Hilarious. I don't suppose he's 1/8th exactly.
I don't know if I recognize his Cherokee-ness just by looking at him. But I suppose the boy does tan easily. I didn't mean to imply that he isn't Native American. I just think it's funny that people who claim to be Native American always claim to be Cherokee. One must assume from all of their numerous decendants that the Cherokees got a lot of action.

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Hey kerfuffle ... in my family we're part Lakota (sioux) ... but we're not descended from a 'princess' (always funny to me that people were descended from a 'princess' lol) ... btw, if you don't mind me asking, what nation do you hail from?
Aho, resa.

I'm Caddo and Kiowa. But officially I am enrolled with the Kiowa tribe. Unfortunatly I am not descended from a princess.
kerfuffle, my family is Cherokee and yes I am probably less than one eighth. Thanks for being dismissive and trying to negate a portion of my heritage that I am proud of. The Cherokee were a very welcoming people from the time the first Europeans showed up on these shores. It is not surprising that so many people have Cherokee heritage at all.

I'm glad that Christian is also proud of his heritage even if he isn't "red" enough for some.
*removes politically incorrect foot from politically incorrect mouth*
Ouch, TamaraC. Didn't mean to offend. Sorry.
Kerfuffle I assume you are speaking as a "pure" Native American. No hair on the faces of the men in your family, hey.

Maybe so many Americans identify themselves as being 1/8 or less Cherokee specifically because of how large a population the Cherokee had, where they lived (in the South where people keep track of such things), and how relatively close they lived with their European-American neighbors before and after a portion were expelled to Oklahoma. Just a thought.

As you may have guessed, I am one of those people who are less than 1/8 Cherokee...and less than an 1/8 a bunch of other things as well. Because of people who say the kind of things that you did above, I usually do not mention it to anyone unless we are discussing something very specific, and then I do not identify the nation. Thinking about how many individual ancestors I am denying by doing this, even though they are a minority of my total ancestors, really does annoy me however.

(Speaking of which, am I supposed to deny/ignore everything else that is 1/8 or less? From what I hear, Great-Grandma McGuffee specifically might curse me from her grave if I deny the Irish 1/8 in favor of the English/Scottish 1/2.)

I don't know if I recognize his Cherokee-ness just by looking at him. But I suppose the boy does tan easily.

FYI, that whole racial stereotype about the children of dark and light parents always getting the dark genes does not always work in real life. My son is almost half Southern Italian (1/8 is a combo of other things but I guess it has been established that I should not bother with those) from a very dark family and his whiteness is almost as irridecsent at the end of the summer as at the beginning. Combine that with my brother having no hair on his very white face and you have illustrations of the funny thing that is genetic roulette.

I see Tamara beat me to replying, (darn work interrupting my post writing) and said it better than I, but I'm posting anyway just because this kind of thing along with kerfuffle's response calling it "political incorrectness" irritates me.
"No hair on the faces of the men in your family, hey"

Once more, I apologize to anyone I may have offended.
"No hair on the faces of the men in your family, hey"

Native American men in much of North America had much less hair on their faces than Europeans. Usually hair would only grow on the chin and upper lip...and often very sparsely. Being able to grow a full beard, like having blue eyes, has been considered an indication of European genes. Generally there are very few Native American men who do not have hairier faces than their Native American ancestors no matter how pure they may look otherwise. I played the percentages and took a cheap shot because I was annoyed. The subject of racial/ethnic purity just pushes my buttons, but life is too short to dwell...or take cheap shots, so enough nonsense. Moving on...

I missed Kane when they were in PA last year. I would like to catch a performance somewhere as well, but NJ is not usually on the top of the list for bands who lean towards country.

BTW kerfuffle my mom and grandfather were both born and raised in Oklahoma. We have a friend that is 1/2 Kiowa and 1/2 Commanche, but I think he sticks with the Commanche.

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This is getting exceedlingly off topic. If people do have issues over what was said in the previous comments, I would suggest that it be conducted via email.
"The subject of racial/ethnic purity just pushes my buttons"

Having dealt with racism my entire life I can understand this. So once again, I am sorry if you felt discriminated against or somehow persecuted by my offhand/insensitive remarks. Sincerely. I am not being snarky.

"BTW kerfuffle my mom and grandfather were both born and raised in Oklahoma."

Not sure I understand the relevancy. If that is a friendly 'shout-out'...then hello :)

Also, that tanning comment was me poking fun at the fact that exterior features (like skin color) aren't always an accurate indicator of race. I guess the humor didn't translate. So it's probably best I keep my day job.

edit: Sorry Simon. I just saw your comment after posting. Moving on...

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I'm glad to see Chris has another movie that's going to be released. I've seen very little of him as a performer other than Angel, and then briefly as the loving husband on Close To Home. He's one of the Whedon alumni whose background or personal life I know zero about. Does his main Kane site or a fan site someone knows about have any biographical details?

I've got a Kane song on my MySpace and they have a very cool sound. And Chris, where's the love for the home country, guy? Come to San Diego, we have a House of Blues here.
Back on topic. Does anyone know if Kane has a touring schedule? Or is the UK thing just a one-time only gig?
Tonya J & kerfuffle, for what it's worth, here's what I know about Christian Kane: he was born in Dallas, Texas, but his family moved to Oklahoma when he was very little and moved back and forth between Oklahoma and Odessa, Texas during his youth. He moved to Los Angeles and got a job acting in the second TV incarnation of "Fame" (there was an earlier one in the late '70s/early '80s). He was playing a country singer, which increased his interest in performing country music. He became friends with singer/songwriter/guitarist Steve Carlton and they began writing music together. Christian Kane and Steve Carlton are the core of Kane the band -- if you see "Kane acoustic" advertised, that usually means it's just the two of them with possibly some special guests, while the full grouping of Kane is them (CK on vocals, SC on guitar), another guitarist, a bassist, a percussionist and a fiddler. They perform in Los Angeles and in Nashville, where Christian Kane and Steve Carlton, I believe both together and separately, collaborate in songwriting with other songwriters, some of them big names. They also play selected shows/events around the U.S., but I have not heard of them doing an actual U.S. tour as such, though that may happen -- I would imagine it will be announced on the blog if it does. In his early days as an actor, before "Angel," Christian Kane also became good friends with David Boreanaz, though Christian's later casting on "Angel" was a coincidence. Steve Carlton also has his own band (the Steve Carlton Band) and plays the L.A. area often. Christian Kane is extremely appreciative of the band's fans; everyone I know who has met him has said it was a positive, friendly experience. Hope this is helpful?
Absolutely, thanks! I knew there had to be a story behind his performance at Karitos on Angel. He just felt like a musician to me.
kerfuffle, you need to stop. Generalizations do not fit every situation and you don't have any idea about individual situations. My closest Cherokee ancestor was certainly not a princess. He was a horse thief. Jim Cummins. Look it up.

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