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May 30 2007

(SPOILER) WIRED UnderWire blog takes a first look at the "Sarah Connor Chronicles." ..."like alien deer caught in the headlight(s)..."

"Joss Whedon fans interested in 'Buffy' - style grrl power will find plenty to admire."

I hate the term "grrl power" - it's so demeaning. Especially in that context.
I like Lena (especially her nude scene in '300'), but my fav is still Summer. I can't stand fox so much, but I'll definitely give the series a shot.

(ed.- Let's try to capitalize in future posts[edited for you this time].)

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Just back from the future I can tell you that this show is cancled after 3 episodes.
I hope it doesn't et canceled...but then again, this is FOX, so who knows...Its the most likely thing to occur.

I would watch this just to see Summer Glau again (just in case she isn't on 4400 anymore)
(just in case she isn't on 4400 anymore)

She still is, actually--in a bunch of eps this upcoming season. :-)
"Cameron is played by Summer Glau of "Firefly" and "Serenity" sci-fi fame and she's the best thing in the show."

Damn skippy... and thats the only reason I'll tune in to watch the show.
Hmm, except the deer wouldn't be alien - Terminator and all it's future technology is all from our own planet. Least of the nitpicks with the whole concept though. Is Hollywood not capable of making anything new these days?
I hope they find the humor. Terminator with no humor? Sounds bad. But I'm really looking forward to seeing Summer do her terminator thing.
Liked QuoterGal's comment, too."It never gets old." I agree!
I'm trying to figure out how they will do Arnie's "nude scene" with Summer on TV...sure, it's one thing to have her laying inside a container in the buff on Firefly but a fight scene in the nude...hummm! It works much better though (if done right), the guys who laughed at Arnie were crazy (I mean Terminator or not, taking on a guy that size...), but I can see a bunch of guys coming upon a tiny, meek-looking Summer and getting the surprise of their lives...!
Re: "grrl power"

Maybe they were trying to invoke "grr, argh" with that line.
Re Cameron travelling from the future and arriving butt-naked, perhaps we'll first see her in high school student mode and won't discover that she's a Terminator until she does the whole saving John's life bit. But, if it is meant to be a surprise, the people who made the promo have now thoroughly spoiled it.
Which, of course, they did with the plot twist forty minutes into T2...

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