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May 30 2007

Firefly on the Big Screen. What would happen if you smash together Star Wars and Dawn of the Dead? Answer: Serenity.

Oregon radio heroes Cort & Fatboy are pimping the charity screening of Serenity on June 22nd & 23rd at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland (tickets can be bought here) - and says Firefly is gonna be up on the Big Screen as well! In July, August and a bit into September, all Firefly episodes will be shown in theaters (in Portland), for charity as well.

All this a few minutes in (starts at 2.25 min into the podcast) in the special Star Wars podcast from this past friday.
If you don't wanna download the podcast, you can listen at the site as well.

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As far as I know, the Firefly episodes are not for charity, unless there's something I've not been told. My understanding is that it's simply showing the series, a couple of episodes per week, at the Mission Theatre (which recently finished up its weekly run through the entirety of Buffy). It should begin July 10.

Also, I have just the relevant bit (mp3) available via the Portland charity screenings site.

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Wow, "the entirety of Buffy"!
Maybe the theater is putting out a jar for charity during the Firefly screenings.

Hint, leave them a jar.

[ edited by Anonymous1 on 2007-05-31 17:51 ]
Maybe the theater is putting out a jar for charity during the Firefly screenings.

I'm just saying, I'm fairly certain I would know if the point was to do the episodes for charity. And so I am fairly certain that they are not.

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