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May 31 2007

Fillion's Unreleased Indie Flick Outing Riley to Air on LOGO Channel. Outing Riley, an independent film that Nathan Fillion appeared in and which has been unreleased until it recently started making the film festival circuit will be aired June 10th at 10 p.m. on the LOGO channel.

You beat me too it. I was just going to post it. Look forward to seeing it!
A couple of reviews (from 2004) for those who'd like to know a little more about it.

Outing Riley does slowly overcome its frequent stumbling blocks and settles in thanks in part to nice work from McDonald and particularly Nathan Fillion as Bobby’s closest brother, Luke. Fillion actually played the first, mistaken Private Ryan in Spielberg’s epic and here really shines as the Riley clown who gets hurt deeply that his brother couldn’t at least confide in him. He has a bright future in the business. –Erik Childress;reviewer=198

Nathan Fillion (Firefly) has screen charisma to burn and sometimes lifts the script above its sitcom roots but even he can't save face in a stream of jokes about deep throating hot dogs and penis size. I have a feeling that Fillion will be a star someday, possibly even this spring in Serenity, so Outing Riley may end up with a distribution deal by piggybacking on his fame. –Brian Tallerico

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Jokes about deep throating hot dogs? least my curiosity is piqued.
You know, I read the headline and thought, "Nathan Fillion was in a movie about the (inevitable) coming out of Buffy's ex?"

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