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May 31 2007

When this thing gets moribund. Another report from Joss at Wesleyan, in which he's asked "if we were ever going to find out how Book knows so much more than a Shepherd should about so many things". The phrasing of the answer is causing some debate.

Although few of the questions in the Q&A were Firefly-related, we did manage to corner him afterward and ask if we were ever going to find out how Book knows so much more than a Shepherd should about so many things.

Joss' answer: "Yes." He went on to explain that "when this thing gets moribund" the story would be continued, whether with the actors or in another medium.

When WHAT becomes moribund?

For those who don't know, moribund means "a state of dying."
It can also mean "stagnant: not growing or changing; without force or vitality".
I am shamed. I had to go look up moribund, it's been so long.

Hmmm, maybe he means when the questions about "When's Firefly going to be continued" die down, that's when it will continue in some form.
I'm not ashamed that I had to look up moribund. A little that I looked it up when the answer was in the next post.

Let's not get moribund. Keep that new Official Firefly/Serenity Merchandise coming. Serenity Collectors Edition! Serenity: Better Days Comics! Keep those Charity Serenity Screenings going.
June 2007 Goal: $100,000 for charity!

One of the Big Darn Heroes become a Big Darn Star. Or maybe lots of them. Yeah, that would work.

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Inigo Montoya to Joss: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."
Okay! Everybody stop asking when Firefly will continue!

(I think there may be more to it than this...)
I heard indirectly about that comment after the panel - not specifically about the word "moribund," but the sense that - yes, Joss has the rest of the story about Book in his head but that he is holding his cards close to his chest for now.

I yearn for the day when Joss pushes his creative chips on the table and says, "All in!"
It's kind of moot as to what "moribund" really means in this context, because "yes" is clear enough for me. I mean as long as you're not 85 or something and you don't have to worry about dying soon, all you need is patience.
I love trying to figure out Joss' arcane remarks, because that Joss, he is a puzzle, wrapped in a riddle, swaddled by an enigma. Er ....

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I was just thinking this week how much I would love to learn Book's backstory! Apparently, not so unique.

Current fantasy: Book used to be like the Operative, but recoils from his own Alliance-sanctioned misdeeds following some My Lai-like massacre. His lone hope of redemption: To embrace the calling of . . .

Space Catholic. Or Space Something Celibacy-Swearing.

ETA correct spelling for what had been Book's "loan hope." Yup, just watched "Flooded."

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Additional goal this week: Use "moribund" correctly in context.
"My attempts to build my vocabulary are no longer moribund."
I hate to be moribund, myself, but I'm already at 20 years more than I ever expected to have, so I just hope I'll be around long enough to see at least one of the 'verses finish out their story...
Space Catholic!
Not to sound too dorky - oh, allright, I am dorky - but I did always think that Book was gonna turn out to be a little like Brother Cadfael. Ya know, a monk for many years, but in the military or police and sexually active before that... and, if not necessarily seeking redemption, then at least weary of the secular world and his role in it.

Space Catholic!

I'm quite fond of the word "moribund." I use it frequently to describe dead websites and blogs - but never my own self...
Gonna go way out on a limb here and suggest the barest possibility that just perhaps, Joss might not have known the exact meaning of the word when he used it?

Ridiculous, I know. But within the realm of possibility nevertheless.
Oh, but I think his use of it makes perfect sense - if and when the possibility of a theatrical Serenifly is dead, then he will continue it in another medium - comics or such - and the story will be told.

It simply suggests that he (understandably) doesn't hold out a lotta hope of continuing the story theatrically, and thus he doesn't suggest that the story will be continued in that way.

But that hope must die completely before he continues the story in another medium.

Is my thinking...
Hmmmm....I prefer this definition (from Cambridge Online Dictionary):

adjective FORMAL DISAPPROVING (especially of an organization or business) not active or successful:How can the Trade Department be revived from its present moribund state?



It's a thought.
Was he pointing at his head when he said it?

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Maybe it's code. Anyone know anyone named Maury Bundt?
Book's mystery is kind of blatant, I think. And that many should want to know exactly what happened is only natural. I am one of them.

But I'd die to find out why Inara - who had her mind firmly set on the High Priestess post - sails the skies in a piece of lu su.

Please, Joss, give me more about that.
Maybe it's code. Anyone know anyone named Maury Bundt?

"When this thing gets more Al Bundy"? I think I may have have cracked it. How much of a debt does the 'Verse owe to 'Married With Children'? I think we should be told.
Oops. There is a Maury Bundt, and they own, or did own, a horse named Stemwinder. So sayeth Google.

So perhaps Simon is the one who is on to something instead.
Joss has always said (paraphrased) if this thing runs out of hope of a sequel and what not, he'd splurg the details somehow. Except Joss uses a fancy word like moribund and I use 'splurg'.
Beware the splurgossi!
I'm having a flash back to "Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge".

" I looked up moribund in the dictionary..."
So, Joss is basically saying it's not moribund yet ? Which is cast iron proof that there's a sequel in the works, probably due for release approximately tomorrow if not sooner !

And on that bombshell ... ;)
I think he's basically saying get lost (or something stronger, but I have no idea what censorship rules here say)
Nah- he's saying that so long as we keep talking about it he won't write any more about it. Wait, that doesn't make sense...
If that's really what you think Saje, then I suggest you get a knife and fork, and a plate, and put your words on the plate...
Basically, I'm saying you're going to have to eat your words!
Does that mean that in five minutes time, you're going to be strapped to a Wheel of Death ? Cos i'll get my plate ready in that case, maybe add a dash of humble pie ;).

I think he's basically saying get lost (or something stronger, but I have no idea what censorship rules here say)

I think they say "Fuck Off". Is OK to post I mean ;).
I consulted my internal Joss-speak translator and take it to mean that "this thing" is all the current balls that Joss has floating in the air (Buffy comics, Angel comics, Goners, time with family etc.)

So Joss is saying that WHEN all his current projects "die off" or get quieter, he will THEN continue with the Firefly story.
Hopefully not in a moribund way.

That is as long as he wasn't pointing at any parts of his anatomy when he put the comment out there.

Because THAT'S a different translation altogether!
What I want to know is, was Joss wearing a cumberbund at the moment he said moribund? 'Cause universes collide and all that.
OT, but is ever going to lift its block on Telewest users?
So basically, when Joss' "balls" become moribund (possibly due to wearing a cummerbund) we'll find out if Book was actually a schwinehund ?
Wait, wait, wait - Book is Al Bundy?
Saje - you so crazy.

QG - And Mal is secretly Peg? eek! - imagine Tightpants lifting off the Fillionesque face to reveal Peg's coif o' doom? Plus I inadvertently typed Tighpants the first time, proving there will be a BSG crossover during the supersecret webisode of Serenifly that reveals the Bundy connections! (Hey, Serenity appeared in BSG, so why not?)

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No, Mal is a Cylon. Pass it on.
Wow, zeitgeist, we both went for the BSG-connection at the same time. We must be Cylons. *checks self for wiring...*
*hums 'All Along the Watchtower'...* oh, crap...!
Schweinhund? Cummerbund. Moribund. Al Bundy. Ted Bundy. The Bundestadt. Enough! :-)
Mmmm. Bundt cake. Nummy.
More Firefly any way I can get it... hell opera... Really - I'll wait as long as I have to for it.

refuge5 we don't sign our posts here, your username at the bottom of your post takes care of that for you.
I've decided that you people are all very very strange and somehow wrong in the head.

No wonder I feel so at home.
Nathan already said Book was a landscaper. AND that was before Nathan became a gardener.
So Book in his youth was a cumberbund-wearing, Ty Pennington kind of sexy, tank-top wearing, space landscaper, but not a schwinehund?
That is such a relief.
Pointy wrote:

Space Catholic. Or Space Something Celibacy-Swearing.

I do like "Space Catholic." For "Space Something" I propose "Spanglican" or "Space Lutheran/Splutheran." Either would work as well as Spatholic--even with the celibacy thing.

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Saje - you so crazy.

So the voices tell me ;).

And spanglican shinygroovyj ? LOL, love it ;).

Spunited reform ? Nope, that's just silly, spanglican is definitely king of the hill ;).
Spanglican does rule, shinygroovyj!

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