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May 31 2007

Waitress goes Wide -It is Official. The movie is in 605 theaters this Friday (i.e. 6/01/2007). Also it's week 5 of its release AND Waitress still in original 4 theaters--two of them with two screens. A good sign.

This post's subject link to BoxOfficeMojo has a showtimes finder. Also there is US Map of Waitress Showtimes

We may not know the Production Budget but Fox Searchlight has more than made up its 4 million investment in Waitress' Worldwide Distribution rights.

They haven't quite made back their investment. Fox will get less than half of the Box Office. They should easily make a profit on this little gem, however.
I thought studio got like 95% of first week ticket take. 90% second week. And so on until it reaches 50% of ticket take.

And that theaters make most of their money on popcorn and goodies.
I'm not sure I'd call 605 theaters wide. It was in 510 last week already. Is there some magical line between 510 and 605?

i rather like the idea of a slower rollout anyway. Allows it to have more time to get word of mouth buzz and it doesn't have to compete head to head with the "summer movie" behemoths.

I need to see it again. Maybe this weekend...

ETA: Oops. Nevermind, actually read the link. Huh, interesting. And actually, according to wiki 600 is the magical mark.

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Waitress makes the magical mark! Whoo-hoo!! I didn't think 600 was wide either.

I'm going to see it again this weekend too. I've read Waitress gets better each time you see it. You know like Firefly/Serenity/SLiTHER.

Just noticed today that the cardiac infusers aren't attached to anything. Out of Gas and Ariel and I never noticed that until I saw a picture in the Firefly Official Companion II and watched Ariel today. And then it clicked. So much thinking went into Firefly.
I saw it the other day and it was fantastic. I am glad that my money could contribute to this wonderful project. Nathan is adorkable and Keri Russell is hilarious.
Is that a new word "adorkable"?
It does get better each time you see it. I've seen it three times (with different people for each) and every time I've laughed and left the theater with a big smile on my face.
I'm not sure when adorkable came about -- but there was an official use of it in one of my fashion magazines last month. InStyle, I think it was. It was used to describe Adam Brody, and I agree that he is indeed adorkable.
Yay! Just checked Fandango and it is indeed playing very near to my house...I'm seeing Knocked Up tonight, but I've got some extra dough so I might try to swing by Waitress on Sunday.
I'm glad they're expanding Waitress into more theaters. It's such a great movie.
Yah!!!! It's finally within an hour drive of me. Maybe I can talk some girlfiends into going with me and spread the love for Nathan.
YAY! I saw it on memorial day and it was fantastic!! Nathan is of course wonderful and the movie leaves you smiling (and wanting to bake a pie!). I'd love to see it again!
I just now got home from seeing Waitress at a matinee (I think I was the only one under 55 in the theater) and have already emailed numerous friends about it. D'you suppose anyone will put out a cookbook with all those scrumptious pies in it? Plus, after reading this thread, I'm so excited to use my new vocabulary word - thanks, Browncoat!
Still no mention of Nathan in the print ad blurbs, but at least he's in the picture (in today's NY Times), hugging Keri from behind.
Chris inVirginia- I read that wrong the first time... ;-)

Waitress is listed as #5 in box office sales on the front page of IMDB right now. Wheeeeeeee!

And don't you think 'adorkable' is a great word? It's so descriptive! :-D
Waitress adds another 100 theatres to its release. I saw it this past Monday afternoon at 1:30 and there were more than a couple dozen people in the theatre, almost unheard of for that day and time.

There's also another Nathan interview in the Ft Wayne Journal-Gazette today. Nothing new, barely even a mention of the Whedonverse, and they don't even list Serenity or Slither in his movie credits! I didn't even know he was in Blast from the Past, I'll have to watch it again.

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