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June 01 2007

Hollywood Reporter confirms BSG season 4 to be last. It had previously been announced Jane Espenson moves to Battlestar as Co-Exec Producer for its fourth, and now final season.

It's reassuring to me that two of the most interesting shows on TV to me -- BSG and Lost -- have people running them who have stated for years now that they well understand the lessons of The X-Files, and knew all along that at some point they'd have to set a date for the endgame and then head for it.
Ditto. All credit to the Lost folk, and their network, in particular.

I'm hyped knowing this season of Battlestar will be the last, to be honest. You just know they're going to pull everything out of the bag they've been stashing now.
And just when I started watching it (yay for DVDs) I now hear it's ending. Very happy though that it's ending because of the story, and not because of the studio. I loves me some fully fleshed TV shows that get their full story run.
This is very exciting news. I really have never been as excited at a show ending as I am about this. There's easily a full season of stories left - and I imagine it will be all arc, no filler.

I am so happy that this decision has been made and we need not worry about whether it's ending or not and whether RDM & Co have got time to wrap it up properly.

One more year. It will be sad, but it will be very satisfying.
It might mean less weird filler episodes.
Can't wait for it though. But when it winds down next may (hey, it's already June) it'll be a sad day, because it's such a great show.

Hopefully David will really succeed with "Bionic Woman".
Fantastic. Thanks to your deity of choice that RDM and Eick have the confidence in their own ability to succeed with something new and the commitment to the BSG story to end it under their control, at their pace rather than on some suit's whim. Looking forward to what could (and should) be BSG's tightest, most focussed and hopefully best season yet.

(and is 'Lost' ending too then ? Or are we still on the '8 seasons' + possible movies track of old ? Cos I don't wanna get into Lost-bashing but saying you've learned the lessons of 'The X-Files' is a long way from actually learning them. Talking ain't doing as a wise woman once said ;)
Unplugged sad.

But you do not know how much I respect them for ending their story when the end is coming. It's sad that there's no going to be anymore after S4, but damn...I'm thrilled.

Saje, Lost will have three more seasons of 16 episodes each and then will be over. The creators specifically wanted to end it after 48 more episodes, and the network has let them. I've always been a huge fan of the show, but if you've ditched it, most everyone has been raving about this past season...
Ah, so that'd make 6 (slightly truncated) seasons ? Good for them. I stopped about two episodes into S2 partly because I didn't like the way Desmond was retconned into Jack's life (screamed ad-hoc and 'X-files' to me) and partly just 'because' (yep, i'm fickle, whaddya do ? ;). I always intended to get back into it though and give it another chance, knowing there's an end in sight may be the kick up the arse I needed.

(and hey, bright side, Damon Lindelof might actually get around to Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk #3 sometime in the next 4 years ;)
I'd definitely recommend that second chance for Lost, Saje. The last half of season three alone will make it worth your time and effort and the shocker ending of the final episode of the current run will keep you hooked for the remaining three seasons, I promise. Hell of a show.

Mixed feelings about BSG ending. When the news of Lost's finite lifespan was released I was fine with it as I knew I still had 48 episodes to look forward to whereas with BSG it's going to be all over in just one season. Great in the sense of giving the show a quality conclusion but sad when I think that I have so few hours of the Galactica crew still to enjoy. Thank the gods for DVDs.
That means they have 20 chapters left to bring the story to it's conclusion (plus the 2 for BSG Pegasus wich may or may not play into it).
Let's hope they use all the chapters to the fullest and not waste them by telling meaningless stories about serial killers or something equally unimportant. Cause that's (partly) how they ruined Season 3.
Bad Karma, I wouldn't say that any of the so called "filler" episodes were bad simply because they didn't progress the central storyline. Admittedly there were a couple that I didn't completely enjoy but that is true for any show every season and those one or two episodes in no way "ruined" season three for me. Even the worst BSG episodes tend to offer some fantastic character development and as long as that is the case then I'm happy to watch them. I'm in no rush for them to get to Earth so if the occasional filler episode can entertain me whilst fleshing out a character here and there then I'm all for them.
Simon, here's your four season show, looks like you called it.
I'm certainly not surprised with this announcement. As much as I love this show, I would rather see it end properly than be dragged out just to stay on the air. We knew from the first that it would not last beyond five seasons, so we haven't lost so very much. And I get as annoyed as others with the filler episodes, so doing without those would be wonderful. (Although I must agree with The Pagan that there were only a couple of filler episodes in season three, and, while they certainly slowed the momentum of the season there in the middle and were not up to the quality of the rest, they didn't come close to ruining the season.) I'm really looking forward to season four, despite the tremendously long wait.
After 2 series and over 20 years later I just hope they find Earth, finally. I'd also like to see some earthlings kick some cylon butt. Last season was a disappointment. Maybe this will be their redeeming season. Let's hope so.
Disclaimer: I just read through my post and realized that my energy-filled disagreement with some of the statements I've seen in this thread may come off a bit harsh. I'd like to state that while I firmly believe in my stance, I am in no way here to insult anyone and I don't believe I do in my post. I respect differing opinions and only mean to propose mine. Please read my energy with a bit of sarcasm and general exaggeration. And with that...

I'm shocked and appalled!

Why does everyone keep talking about S3 of BSG as a bad season, or the worst so far? S3 was absurdly awesome! Most of the people I talk to say it's the best season yet. I would tend to agree.

And what's this nonsense about filler episodes? I've never once seen this show stray from its plot. BSG is a different kind of show, with different storytelling structure and goals. First and foremost it has always been heavily character driven. As such, any episode that develops a character (or more) is moving the story forward. This story is about people in a hopeless situation struggling to survive against a common enemy, but more importantly trying to survive each other within the major lifestyle changes required by such an insane situation.

And in that the show is wildly successful and every single episode has moved the show's story forward.

From my perspective anyone complaining about "filler" episodes in the 3rd season shouldn't be watching BSG because they'll never be satisfied. And I don't know how they made it through the first two seasons.

What's more, since when was S3 of Lost considered so good? I loved it all the way through, but critically it was failing and it lost a lot of ratings. It was losing so much viewership that it wouldn't have been a big surprise if it got canceled. S3 of Lost by the way was the least character driven season and most plot driven. So if that's what you're looking for, a good all-out plot driven show, go watch Heroes. If you want a good all-out character driven show, that's BSG.

For the record I agree with the general consensus that it is fantastic for BSG to end like this, on their terms, without the story puttering to an end seasons down the road. I am more than happy to know it'll be ending next year if those are the terms.

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What's more, since when was S3 of Lost considered so good?

Bobw10, Lost's third season (after a shaky start) was considered so good by those that, well, watched it. The media did a fantastic job of making the loss in viewers look like a bigger problem than it was but the fans that stuck by the show (for the most part) will likely tell you that they loved how the show developed in the last two thirds of the season.

As for the loss in ratings, clearly ABC wasn't listening to the dire comments of all the critics claiming the show was on it's way out. You don't commit to a failing show for three further seasons without some real confidence. I'd have to assume that the network is in a better position to judge what is a failure than all the article writers who just can't resist jumping on the "Is Lost Lost?" bandwagon. I gave up reading those articles months ago and just stuck to letting the show speak for itself.
I have to say I'm very sad. Very. I fully recognize not wanting to see the quality decline, the storylines stretched to the breaking point, and the desire for a definitive ending (on the creators terms)- but ! even a not-so-stellar BSG is SO good. I'm seriously going to miss new BSG. I still tend to think that there were a couple more season left in it. Those of you who are unsurprised, does it have more to do with the belief that the network wouldn't stick it out or do you truly think that RDM and Eick doesn't have it in them? I am glad that the creators are getting to end on their own terms and can plan out the entire season with an 'end' in mind. I'm sure that this last season will be amazing, but that doesn't stop me from wanting more... I know, nothing quite like the pouty and petulant post. But damn, BSG has just been amazing in my opinion. Sometimes I think we hold the creative forces behind our favorite tv shows to unrealistic standards. Don't get me wrong, I fully recognize that I've expressed displeasure over certain episodes, character 'developments', storylines etc. But I think it's unrealistic to hold any series to the standard of perfection that we often seem to. After all the people behind these series are only human, everyone falters and makes mistakes. So keeping that in mind I try to be forgiving of an occasional crap episode or other aspect that I personally don't like (and just because I don't like it doesn't by any means indicate that everyone will agree with me). So I guess the point of my random rant is that even with the filler episodes I thought season three was incredible and would gladly watch a few more seasons even if the quality declined. Yeah I'm obviously no purist; but I guess it's a little like someone you still love (even when you shouldn't) abruptly breaking up with you - I'm just not prepared to let go. So, I guess my TV and I are going to be pretty lonely, no VM, no BSG; this is only going to fuel my desire for a new Joss series. Sigh.

Disclaimer: My humor is sometimes mistaken for seriousness. I'm not here to bash anyone either. That being said:

What part of Season 3 blows/suck balls did you not understand??? You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!

*Ends bad Jack Nicholson impression.*

But to be perfectly honest, I thought the first 1/2 of the season was pretty good. I loved the boxing match episode. Frack-tasticlly brilliant. However, the rest of the season felt like the writers didn't have an overall vision of where the story was going to go and it showed. The cylons just became silly this past season and there wasn't nearly enough Starbuck. And way too many EJO speeches (*ducks*) if you ask me. I think they got a little too caught up in being 'edgy' and 'critically acclaimed' and there was less focus on actually creating an entertaining show.

*Runs for cover*

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Waaah. I understand ending on their own terms, and I'm getting that in a constantly changing universe, change is constant, but nonetheless:


"You cannot play God, then wash your hands of the things that you've created." - WILLIAM ADAMA, BSG Miniseries, Part 1.


"There, there. It's okay. You're not gonna have to cry much longer." - NUMBER SIX, BSG Miniseries, Part 1
No, no need to run for cover, kerfuffle, I quite agree with you on that. Much like S2, S3 started off strongly, fumbled a bit around episode 8 (I think it was "Hero", with the retconning of the start of the second Cylon war), had a few good episodes right in the middle (either side of where the midseason break would be, between 10 and 11 or so), and then began to lose its way again around ep 13. And it'd only pick up again around ep 17 or 18, when they start setting up for the season finale two-parter.

(In fact, it's kinda uncanny how similar this pattern has been for S2 and S3.)

S1, on the other hand, due to its shorter length, didn't suffer from having filler eps that turned out to be major clunkers. The worst would probably be "Litmus", maybe; other "fillers" weren't too bad, and still contributed to the overall season arc. And even "Litmus", when compared to the multiple clunkers in both S2 and S3, was nowhere near as bad as, say, "Black Market" or "The Woman King".

I've definitely felt the writers get way too heavyhanded with the political allegory in S3, even in the better episodes. (Take the night-vision New CaprIraqi cam, for instance.) Then the filler episodes in S3 weren't so much about misguided attempts to focus on individual characters ("Black Market", "Scar"), but rather misguided attempts to focus on individual characters and add in a heavy dose of Your Daily Lesson On Important Issues-with-a-capital-I ("The Woman King" - racism/religious persecution is bad!).

They used to be able to do that allegory with a lighter hand, where the story came first and the real-world parallels came second, but they reversed that for a lot of S3, IMHO. Let's hope that with the end in sight, they can refocus on the story, and finishing that story in a kick-ass manner in the 20+2 episodes they have left.

Great points. I have to say, though, that I didn't think Black Market was so terrible. I enjoyed Richard Hatch's performance and I enjoyed the writers touching on the reality of crime and showing us a glimpse at life aboard some of the other other ships. I wish there had been more of that. I also hope we see some more of Richard Hatch in season 4.
I am simultaneously upset and pleased at this news. BSG is an awesome show so I'll be sad to see it go, but it's great to see people who want to go out on a high and finish their story satisfactorily rather than keep going for as long as they can for money regardless of artistic merit.

I am only reaching the final episodes of the second season on DVD for the first time, but I'm still astounded at the quality of the show. The miniseries, entire first season and at least the first half of the second season have been completely gripping and faultless. I will admit that I think the second season has stumbled slightly, but only really for a couple of fillerish episodes and certainly not enough to slow down the momentum building towards the finale.

I do admit that when I watched Black Market and Sacrifice for the first time I was confused. The writing just felt lazy and predictable. There were a lot of revelations, for example about Lee having a relationship with this woman we'd never seen before, that didn't make sense and didn't seem to affect the long term continuity at all. It seemed slightly more like a typical stupid, cliché-ridden show rather than the higher standard I've come to expect from BSG.

But The Captain's Hand and Downloaded have been a glorious return to form and I am really looking forward to watching the final two episodes. I can tolerate a few fillerish episodes, but if I have to watch a poorly written episode, I'd rather that it wasn't one that is actually kind of pivotal because it brings up major new information about a character, only for the series to practically disregard it, or to kill off a fairly important supporting character.

As for Lost, it's heartening to hear that they too will end it after three more seasons. I am still waiting to see season three but I'm undecided about how I feel about it.

On one hand, occasionally there are astounding episodes or brilliant ideas which make me really love it. However these do not occur at the same frequency as something like BSG or VM or even Joss' shows. I think it's fairly inconsistent, and there is also a lot of lazy writing, for example I feel a lot of the characters can fall into stereotype territory too often.

There's also the frustrating lack of strong plot developments. After watching 2 or 3 episodes that have added perhaps only a few very abstract clues as to the overall story I can become quite frustrated with it, as even more mysteries are introduced without any being fully resolved. Perhaps the third season has picked up the pace in that regard.

And at the same time, I sometimes wonder whether I even want to have the full truth put out on the line for me- I doubt that it will live up to the months of watching and the intriguing original premise that offered up so many possibilites. And in a way I admire that it strives to be complex and intelligent, even if it doesn't always succeed.
Oh, I will be sorry to have BSG go. *sigh*
I have enjoyed it all--character driven eps, filler eps, and story arc eps.
This has been such a wonderful adventure ( and I hadn't expected to like it, I didn't like the first series ) I hate for it to end.
That being said, I'm glad it's ending on the creator's terms, not the network's.
I'll miss BSG. Good TV - every ep all the way back to the mini series...

As I said, I liked Lost S3, all the way through, naturally the people who like it are going to watch it, not sure what the point there was. My point was simply that the show wasn't doing so well for a while and the by far majority consensus was that the season sucked for that while. This thread was the first I had heard (other than my many arguments with friends) that anyone liked it.

As for BSG... the people who disagree with me seem to be interested in plot-driven stories. May I refer you to Heroes, the best plot-driven TV show I've ever seen. For character development, please come back and visit us while we watch BSG.

At least I got intelligent arguments on here, and true sarcasm as an emphasis (looks at kerfluffle... it was sarcasm... right?).

BTW, Earth isn't the plot, it's a MacGuffin, and a damn good one at that. The characters are the plot.
Oh bobw1o, I was just being silly. And the truth is, I'm not crazy about Heroes. Also, what is a MacGuffin?

It's ok if you want to sit there quietly in denial about the obvious lamefest that was BSG S3. It's ok, bob. We understand.

Also, "The characters are the plot."? Is that like the sky is the land? The air is the water? The house is the driveway?
My opinions:

First halfish of Lost season 3 was incredibly shakey. No direction, felt like they were searching for any way possible to buy time. Ratings fell massively. Second half was, for the most part, good TV. Ratings stabilised again - not surprised.

First halfish of BSG season 3 was incredible. Loved it something rotten. It took these characters who were already living in a hellish environment, and made it ten times worse, and we all learned a hell of a lot about the characters as a result. That's drama, and quality drama at that. Thought the second half lost focus until the very end.
And there should have been more singing.
Also, what is a MacGuffin?

Other than me?

According to Wikipedia: "A MacGuffin (sometimes McGuffin or Maguffin) is a plot device that motivates the characters and/or advances the story, but has little other relevance. The element that distinguishes a MacGuffin from other types of plot devices is that it is not important what the object specifically is. Anything that serves as a motivation will do. The MacGuffin might even be ambiguous. Its importance is accepted by the story's characters, but it does not actually have any effect on the story. It can be generic or left open to interpretation."

And put me down as a solid "Yes" vote on BSG - Season 3.
Thanks. I kept imagining a guy in a muffin suit.
Kerfuffle -
Just wait for BSG S4's (filler) episode "Once More with Cylons"
As much as Earth has been a maguffin, I expect RDM will make it important to the fabric of the series in the final season - ie. the characters won't just reach it, end series. **cough**Voyager**cough**

I fully expect our expectations of Earth will be challenged by whatever the crew finds. Is it full of Cylons? Does it look like our Earth? How different is it? It it future? Is it past? Is it 1980 with space bikes?

BSG is about the characters, absolutely. But the BSG-verse has not being forgotten by RDM & Co. It's rich and complex and strange. I fully expect the ending and Earth to be the same.
Re: both BSG & Lost, Gossi's right. Er, I mean, I agree with Gossi. :)
I'm glad they're both choosing their endings, I just wish I could switch 'em (48 more episodes of BSG & 1 season of Lost).

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(Love the Voyager comment, crossoverman. We're cancelled? O look, a wormhole!)

Well, I'm quite upset about having just 4 seasons, regardless of the producer’s explanations. I remember how all the fans rallied when Farscape was cancelled after only 4 seasons. When a show is good, endings are hard to accept.

SciFi channel line-up is looking pretty anorexic. What's next to look foward to?
As I said, I liked Lost S3, all the way through, naturally the people who like it are going to watch it, not sure what the point there was.

My point was that many of the people, article writers included, that wrote about how much season three sucked and claimed that the show was as good as cancelled were the exact same people who had stopped watching around the middle of season two and hadn't the slightest clue about what had gone on during the third season. I have seen comment after comment saying things like "I think Lost has lost it's way. It's confusing and doesn't make sense. I stopped watching after season one..." or words to that effect.

My point was simply that the show wasn't doing so well for a while and the by far majority consensus was that the season sucked for that while. This thread was the first I had heard (other than my many arguments with friends) that anyone liked it.

Again, after a slightly slow start (and an unfortunately awful Jack episode) the season has probably been as strong as the show has ever been but those that love to complain have likely chosen to stick with the opinion they formed based on the one or two episodes they actually saw before joining the Lost Bashing Brigade. A shame because as you know they have missed out on some classic television and there is very little of that available at the moment.

Of the people I know both online and locally who actually have informed opinions on the season (by which I mean that they bothered to watch it) I've heard nothing but praise for Lost.

Kazzmere, the big difference between BSG and Farscape is that Farscape was cancelled unexpectedly and after they had been promised a fifth season, thus leaving it on a very unfair cliffhanger. The mini-series was a great way to end the story but it was still a shame to see a full season's story have to be told in just four hours. BSG, however, is ending at a point where the writers can work towards the right conclusion at their own speed. Sounds good to me.

My point was that many of the people, article writers included, that wrote about how much season three sucked and claimed that the show was as good as cancelled were the exact same people who had stopped watching around the middle of season two and hadn't the slightest clue about what had gone on during the third season.

Just to clarify something here, I was one of those people 'bashing' Lost, but I do watch the show. The first half of Lost season three was, in my opinion, awful. The ratings were dropping at such a rate the show's fate was questionable.

They did, however, significantly improve the direction and overall quality of the second half. Ratings started to hold.

Obviously, there are some hardcore Lost bashers around. But not everybody is in that group. The fact Lost literally, uhm, lost half it's audience at the beginning of this year should speak volumes to everybody -- including the people running the show. That was a time to be critical. The people running the show appear to have realised things didn't work at the start of the season (a classic example is Jack's Tat), so it's all good.

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Which is pretty much my point, gossi. You, like myself, actually stuck around and watched the show and so can give an accurate and fair opinion on it's development. Yes, the early season three episodes were poor and spent way too much time focused on the Other's camp at the expense of much of the original cast. I don't know many Lost fans, again myself included, that would argue that point. But thanks to the fact that you continued to watch you were able to see just how good the second half (or, in my personal opinion, the final two thirds) of the season actually was. In my experience it's those that jumped ship early on that continue to assume that the whole season sucked.

I'm not going to get into the ratings issue simply because I tend to think that it was a combination of many factors that led to the drop in viewers over the three seasons, rather than the quality of the show itself. Between those people that only watched season one because it was the cool thing to be watching (rather than because they actually liked or understood it) and stopped as soon as they realised that more people were talking about Heroes, the split season idea and the change in timeslot, not to mention the fact that it has been shown that many now are recording the show to watch later or just downloading, I just think that it's unfair to connect the ratings drop with a drop in the quality of the show when that is not obviously the case.
I love this thread. It's helping me cope with what was initially very sad news.

However, that said, I agree with everyone in here who said it's a very good thing the show runners get to end it on their terms. I just wanted that to be at least a few seasons from now.

Re standalones kinda sucking:
I listen to the commentary podcasts Ron Moore records (I love those. LOVE.) and in those he's very candid about where the show fails and why. The buck always stops with him. In my opinion, he's a bit too hard on himself, but it does make me respect him even more as a showrunner that he can be so ready to admit when he fails. Anyway, one of the things he cops to in the podcasts for the last season is how sometimes an episode will be completely edited in post-production so that it hardly resembles the scripted episode they originally shot. They did this for time reasons with Jane Espenson's first episode, removing a Laura Roslin storyline completely. But with "The Woman King" they did it because Ron Moore changed the season arc at the last minute, and that episode (already shot) had bunches of foreshadowing and buildup to what was going to play out at season's end. So that episode got edited to within an inch of its life to cut out all the setups to an arc that wasn't going to get paid off anymore. And it bears the scars. It's one of the hazards of being willing to deviate so drastically from a plan, which seems to me to be one of Ron Moore's salient characteristics as a showrunner. Sometimes it results in sublime scenes and episodes (to wit,, and sometimes it means they'll fall flat on their face. The season ender was so good this year that I personally think it was worth it.

Anyway, I expect there will always be a stinker episode here and there in any TV show I love. The elasticity of the medium makes that inevitable, but it also means that the writers can sustain a great story for years.

So uh, yeah... this post was my long-assed way of saying "Season Three rocked, y'all!"

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I'm glad I stuck around despite Lost's weak points and iffy period(s). It's been very rewarding and satisfying TV-candy for the imagination and looks to finally start paying off in really big ways (already did a number of times this season). I can understand why many abandoned the show, but it's so worth coming back now (catching up with what you missed, obviously, not jumping in where it's at now).

My issues with Lost have been Season 1's finale (I hated the goddamn what's-in-the-hatch hook and felt that that 3-part season finale was bloated and stalled way too much), and nearly all of the middle of Season 2 when things got a little dull, they dropped the ball a few times, there was plenty of Locke and Charlie stupidity (Charlie became unwatchable for a while there), and you just got the sense that this thing wasn't gonna survive its sophomore slump. That it was gonna devolve into mush and flame out way sooner and much more severe than The X-Files did in terms of overall continuity and coherence.

I was ready to go DVD-only or maybe even give up on the mounting mess, but Season 2 improved immensely with the slow introduction/revelation of Ben (as Henry Gale at the time), then the return of Michael (though I felt killing off both Ana-Lucia and Libby was a colossal waste. It should've been one, or the other, and am I the only one who actually kinda liked Michelle Rodriguez's character, especially her affecting flashbacks/background?), and the promising finale that propelled the plot forward and hinted at better days in Season 3.

I think Season 3's been excellent. Almost the entirety of it. Even those first six episodes that aired before the winter break that mostly focused on Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and The Others. I actually like all those characters (though not always their flashbacks, and not the lame teasing the writers do with the 'shipping as if all viewers are expected to care) and thought it took balls to simply leave the beach-habitating characters out of the picture for a while. The beginning of Season 3 addressed one of my major issues with Lost (too many characters, not enough time to give them all quality attention--and I mean the "present"-day kind, not just everyone getting a flashback during each season).

Danielle Rousseau/The Frenchwoman needs to get an episode next year, it's long overdue.

I'm glad BSG has a planned ending 'cause then it won't be so intimidating to catch up to and complete when I finally get around to watching it. It's gotten such glowing reviews everywhere it's talked about that I think I'll just buy it sight-unseen. I haven't done that since I bought the first season of Six Feet Under four years ago.

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(Love the Voyager comment, crossoverman. We're cancelled? O look, a wormhole!)

I gave up on Voyager a long time before it ended. About the time it middled. That last episode is almost a slap in the face to the fans.

Well, I'm quite upset about having just 4 seasons, regardless of the producer’s explanations. I remember how all the fans rallied when Farscape was cancelled after only 4 seasons. When a show is good, endings are hard to accept.

People protested Farscape's cancellation after season four because a) it was originally renewed for two seasons after season three and b) it ended on a giant cliffhanger!

This is what BSG fans were afraid of - RDM thinking he might get a fifth year and then not; wrapping it up in season four and then SciFi giving them a fifth year. Luckily the question has been resolved before the scripts are finished and before production.

I think most fans while sad to see a show finishing, accept that sometimes there comes a point where the show should end. Best BSG go out now than it turn into The X-Files or, you know, just become more average than it is great.
Lonely *Quoter Gal*, I'm right there with you. It breaks my heart to see the best show on TV end after only four seasons when so much total garbage drags on forever. Granted ten seasons is too much and The X-Files will forever stand as a testament to that.

But look how long both The Sopranos and Six Feet Under lasted and maintained their peerless quality. And The Wire, possibly the best of all HBO's series', is coming back for a fifth season. Not to mention that BtS got seven seasons & AtS got five.
Right now I hate everything else on TV that isn't ending, because there's nothing else on that even comes close to BSG. Well actually there isn't anything else on right now that I'm too crazy about anyhow, & certainly nothing I'm emotionally invested in like BSG.
Bah humbug I say, you can't tell me that the creative team behind this show couldn't have given us five seasons.:(
*Goes off to pout, bitch and moan*. Some more. And refuse to answer my phone, unless it's my brother-in-law, who will probably need therapy when he hears this.
I gave up on Voyager a long time before it ended. About the time it middled. That last episode is almost a slap in the face to the fans.

As opposed to the 'Enterprise' finale which was a kick in the teeth then a dance on their heads. I wasn't really a particular fan of 'Voyager' (Janeway was a squandered opportunity of a character IMO) but I watched the last episodes for completion's sake and even I was thinking "What, we don't even get to see Harry reunited with his parents or Tom present his father with his new born grandchild ? Phooey". For the record though, AFAIK it wasn't cancelled, it ran the same seven seasons as Next Gen and DS9 then ended (as Buffy did).

And i've mentioned this elsewhere but by UK standards 70+ episodes is a fantastic run which is maybe why BSG ending isn't a huge problem for me (a lot of my favourite shows only ever ran for 12 or so episodes, 70 is like a feast and 144 is almost too much to digest ;).
Six Feet Under ended on it's 5th season as the creative team there decided it was done -- before the season started.

One of the problems with TV networks and studios is they often need shows to run for many years to be a financial success. I'm sure most here love Twin Peaks -- and that was a TV mega hit, 20 million plus viewers at times -- but it never made any money. That's why when you go and pitch a show to FOX, ABC etc you have to say it will run for 7 seasons, and demonstrate how. That's why shows like Lost sometimes feel directionless. (In Lost's case, I suspect season three's twisted mindfuck of a finale is a reboot of the show format to address this issue).

I think one of the things Joss and friends did very well on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel was to make each season fairly self contained. It wasn't as if you were watching Angel season 1 and wondering if XX story thread would be resolved in season 4. Each season was broken down into an arc, and then planned into episodes. I don't think enough TV producers took note of it, IMHO.

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SciFi channel line-up is looking pretty anorexic. What's next to look foward to?

I'm wondering the same thing. I try to give new SciFi shows a shot, but most of them are just poor quality and bore me to tears. Sometimes on the weekend I like low-budget for a night, but obviously it won't replace BSG, the only show I bother to keep up with currently.

I'm still wildly surprised SciFi was the network (and I know it's in conjunction with another company and that's how they could afford it) to bring us BSG. I think I put off viewing Season One for awhile because I didn't believe they could produce something of the quality I was hearing about.

I just don't expect SciFi to air something of the same quality. Call me an old pessimist, but I just don't see it happening.

BSG on SciFi was some sort of anomaly. They could make the effort to put on another show of such quality, but given their track record of "bleh" I doubt it. And it's not like I'm going to start watching WRESTLING or anything *shudder*. I guess it depend on how much they want a couple million viewers and mega-DVD sales in the future. I doubt the Ghost Hunters DVD sales are making a killing.

And I say that with a smile, because I actually LIKE Ghost Hunters. I just don't make it a priority to be home for it, and I'll never buy the DVDs.

/rant over
i'm a little sad, but also glad that the producers are going to end the show because of the story arc and not because of ratings. after olmos (and like 4 other cast members...) said the 4th season would be it, i was sure that was true. it didn't matter to me that the producers said that they were still undecided, after all, they have a lot of politics to deal with.
I wonder if they will go straight into the spin-off Caprica for the next season.
Tamara C, I don't think Caprica's been given a green light.
orphea, do you mean it has been scrapped? Or just not given the go ahead yet?
I don't know for sure. There have been a few interviews with Ron Moore and David Eick where the question's been asked and they give variations on "It's shelved indefinitely" for answers. That may mean "It's scrapped" in executive-language. Or it may mean that the powers that be are just sitting on the rights until (if) the project looks profitable.
I just want to express my tremendous respect for BSG for putting the story first--before such considerations as how going five seaons makes syndication profitable. For me, there are no filler episodes--I have to see every one. (I've noticed that Jane Espenson does a lot of "socio-economic status matters" stories--"Flooded," which receieved some illuminating analysis lately; "Doublemeat Palace," which addressed the ultra-serious issue of the MacJob in an ultra-scary/funny way, and ('scuse my while I Google up the title . . . ) "Maelstrom," the BSG ep that focused on Tyrol and the way that being on the lower rungs of status can be a matter of life and death. My point: The non-mythology eps reach out into dark places that fiction needs to go, if it is to reflect life.) It is not my favorite series (Buffy is) but it is so good that I want all those actors and writers and crew members to feel really, truly proud. Wish I had a more articulate bit of praise.
Ah, "shelved indefinitely". Yeah then, scrapped. Too bad. :(
Not quite. Thinking SciFi is witholding judgement until this final season of Battlestar. Caprica still has a chance.
Kinda like that sequel to Serenity has a chance, Madhatter?
Yeah. I'm always the glass half full person. You have to have hope to dream. Hope to see you there:)
Maybe it's on hold pending a decision on a re-imagining of 'Galactica 1980'. Complete with space bikes and high-jumping...

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