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June 01 2007

Buffyverse Music Video Database site to close. The site is looking for a new maintainer.

From the website:

'The current maintainers of the BMVD have decided to give up responsibility for the site. If we can find new maintainers willing to take it on, we're happy to pass along information and backups; if not, we'll be retiring the site.'

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Thanks for that, angeliclestat. Much appreciated.
No prob. Its a great webiste. Hadn't visited in a while. I'm not much with the website running, but hopefully someone will be interested.
I'm interested but the question is the price they want. I shot them an email with additional questions. Hopefully something happens with that, I'm guessing there are a few other people interested in maintaining it. Though I'll need a designer (or have to improve my design skills since my main skills are development) if I do luck out and get it. I'm wondering what database they use, going to guess mysql. In the off chance, I do get this, anyone have suggestions for improvement?
William_pratt: If you do get it, I'd love to help. A lot of the links there are broken and I could help you clean it up.
I'm a designer. If you get it I might be able to help out a bit. Let me know.
cool. I'll let you all know what's up when I get the reply so keep an eye on this thread or shoot me an email, whatever.

My thoughts on improvements is to make it a bit more dynamic. link filtering, not sure what else to do without seeing some of the search code.
I hope they do manage to keep it going somehow. It would be a huge shame if it was to close.
Please, please, please let someone pick this up. Finding quality Buffy vids is hard in and of itself; this is one of the few good resources left. I hope it can continue, and maybe even become a better site than it is now.
william_pratt: improvement suggestions (all are development based)
- The ability to Browse
- Most popular vids
- Newest Vids

And as a comment, not a suggestion, It's too bad there isn't a place like that for Firefly vids.
There's alot I remember from a few years back that I wouldn't be able to find now.
I used this site a great deal when I was getting into the fandom and still do use it from time to time. It would be a shame to see all this work disappear. Even with a lot of the posting going on to YouTube and iMeem, it's helpful to have a fandom-specific catalog that vidders can update as their work moves around.
Mycroft: I was considering extending the db to firefly if I get the site. or possibly making a companion site but lack any links to make a firefly vids companion site and no time to hunt down links myself.

Still haven't heard back. the more I think about it, the more I become excited at the prospect of maintaining the site. I hope they reply and the price is fair enough.

I hope you do get the site, it would be wonderful for you to save it and to improve it. I started out as a Firefly fan, but have moved on to Buffy and Angel as well and treasure all the vids I come across and this is such a great resource.

I am also excited you'd consider extending the db to Firefly or making a companion site. When my computer crashed recently I lost some of the links I had to some IMHO priceless Firefly/Serenity vids and I'd love to have them be centrally located.

Perhaps some folks would volunteer ( me included ) to help you locate Firefly vids and other links to them.
It would be great if Firefly links were added as well. I've developed quite the collection on my computer, but they were very hard to track down at times. I would be more than happy to supply links for the ones I have.

I think it really helps the fandom when sites like this stay up. Music is a great way for people to get involved. Watching fan vids made me even more attached to the shows than I would have been normally, I think.
I so hope that you guys can pick up the site and add Firefly vids as well. Good luck!
Hey all. I got word back from the email link I followed on the front page of the site.

Their response was, "I've had a couple of people volunteer to pick up the site, and I'm hopeful that these plans will work out; if they fall through, I'll let you know."

I'm still hyped about this after all our talk here so I'm going to look into making a Firefly companion site since it is uncertain that I will be chosen to maintain/improve upon the BMVD site. If I get the companion site going, I'll still need someone to help with design and getting links/vids for it. Anyone able to help out with that can email me (my email is in my profile). Also anyone with legal background that can help come up with the necessary disclaimer for the site would be very helpful (since I'm unsure whether fan music videos fall under fair use). Lastly, contact me even if you can't help out but you want me to make a firefly music video companion site still, so that I know that the interest is still there for it.

That's the update I got. I'll post if I hear back from them.
A one stop place for all serenifly vids would be great. I can also send you info on some good links.

I have used the BMVD for years - adding mine and searching for other slayerverse fanvids, it would be a crying shame if it were to go. The only thing stopping me from offering to take on BMVD myself is that I have zero database knowledge.
Zero knowledge here as well, database-wise and with any of the technical stuff. But I've been a user of the site ever since I discovered it and I'd be thrilled to see it back up & running, double-thrilled if Firefly/Serenity vids were added.

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