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June 01 2007

Dania Ramirez will join Heroes. Ramirez was potential "Caridad" in Buffy. She will be a main character with yet unknown powers. Could they be Slayer powers!?... lol.

Was she the mortally wounded one that Anya was "caring for" while drinking the antiseptic booze?

I can't seem to place her face. Oh well, seems like a good reason to watch the last part of S7 again. Especially now that my mother-in-law type person has finally left my house after a 3 week stay.
Heres a picture of her in X3
She was the slayer in Xander's erotic dream who didn't know if she was "ready for action". :o)
Good luck to Dania but I doubt that I'll be watching season two. I cannot remember any season of any show ending in a way that let me down half as much as Heroes did this year. What a massive disappointment that was and I actually loved the show up until the last two or three episodes and pushed a lot of friends into watching it.

A whole season of building up the characters and plot to just have the all-powerful Sylar allow himself to be casually stabbed by Hiro (who even gives Sylar advanced warning of his approach) despite only minutes earlier having stopped bullets with just a thought and for the rest of the Heroes to stand around looking useless and watch as Peter's hands start to glow only for Nathan to turn up and fly Peter away. Yeah, I know the "Peter couldn't access his own power of flight" excuse. Still doesn't excuse a rushed ending with a lot of loose ends and plot-holes.

If the creative minds behind Heroes want to see how you build up a story to an epic conclusion and use all your characters to their fullest potential then may I suggest they sit back and watch season five of Buffy, paying special attention to The Gift. That's how it's done.
The last few minutes of the finale are the first few minutes of Season 2, in case you didn't know.

I'm curious to see how these new characters will be involved.
The Pagan, that whole telling-everyone-the-ending thing you did there may possibly have been a little unnecessary. I haven't watched the episode, yet, and didn't want to know what happened until I had.
I just watched all the episodes of S1 with my son and we really enjoyed it.

I have no recollection at all of Dania Ramirez from BtVS. I would guess that the guy who played Forest will be back for S2, so that makes 2 Buffy connections for Heros. Are there more? Just curious.

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