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June 01 2007

Defrocked Vengence Demon on stage in Massachusetts. It's not on the website yet, but Williamstown Theater Festival has announced to its email list that Kali Rocha, aka Anya's Vengence Best Bud Halfrek, will be in the cast of the Pulitzer Prize winning drama Crimes of the Heart this August.

Kali Rocha plays Chick Boyle in CRIMES OF THE HEART on the Nikos Stage August 8-19. Williamstown: CHAUCER IN ROME, THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH and TRAVESTIES. TV: Grey’s Anatomy, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I really love that play!
Lucky for those in Mass. :)

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Crimes of the Heart is a great play. We need a Beth Henley revival.

Chick is not a sympathetic character, Tess Harper played her in the film and received an Oscar nomination.

I saw Tess Harper and Amanda Plummer in Abundance, another wonderful Beth Henley play the first time I went to New York.
Showing some Williams love! Go Ephs!

Anyway, I saw Rocha in Travesties a few years ago. Pretty weird play, but I was extremely excited to get a glimpse of a Buffy actor (we don't get a lot of celebrities in rural Massachusetts).
Aha! That's why Sydney didn't get picked as Chief Resident! -- Val, off in her own little Kali Rocha/Grey's Anatomy world.

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