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June 02 2007

Breaking Atmo: Here's how it is. The inside story on how Firefly and Serenity DVDs will be given to the crew of the International Space Station next week.

Fab stuff and kudos to The One True b!X for creating such a cool looking site.

That actually made me tear up, that copies of Serenity and Firefly are really going into space. Bite that, Fox :)
First off, Nicely done Maii. Your efforts will be part of Browncoat Lore forever. And a big Thanks to Bix for creating a Site to showcase this.

Here's to June 8th, and a Shiny launch for STS-117! :)
been following this story for ages------now a great looking site to follow up

thanks to all
This has made my day. This is kind of like back in 1976 when the Trekkies got NASA to name its first shuttle Enterprise.
Aw, I was hoping Joss would take them up himself, riding into space on the back of Laika.
Yeah, and thereby they got Nasa to name a shuttle Enterprise who wasn't buildt for spaceflight. Not so cool.
That's brilliant. Always knew Joss' talent was too big for one planet ;). Nice site too.

(and when the time comes to swap the DVDs out, i'd love them to flush one out of the airlock rather than bring it back down. Then we could say "Serenity's currently orbiting the Earth" whenever the topic came up. Which, with careful conversational nudging, would be a lot ;)
I'm reminded of this quotation from Objects in Space:

WASH: Psychic, though? That sounds like something out of science fiction.

ZOE: We live in a space ship, dear.
they got Nasa to name a shuttle Enterprise who wasn't buildt for spaceflight.

Actually, in the original plans, the shuttle that became Enterprise was designed as a flight vehicle, and Challenger was a test vehicle. Enterprise came in too heavy for spaceflight, though, and that caused the swap in roles.

Still waiting for a real spacecraft named Serenity. They say that once you've flown a firefly....
That actually made me tear up, that copies of Serenity and Firefly are really going into space. Bite that, Fox :)

Me too and I'm widely known for being dead inside. ;)
Working at Nasa I can testify there are LOTS of browncoats among us :) Now if we could only have one of the new ORION spacecrafts named Serenity...
Oh man, that's so cool. Great job, everyone involved :D
FYI, some people might still be getting nothing but the "Launching Soon" version of the site, with the linked item here coming up as "Page Not Found". I thought I'd waited long enough after moving this to a hosting service for the addressing changes to propagate around the net, but apaprently some people are still seeing the old one.

If you're one of those people, keep checking. Everything should catch up at some point over the course of the day today.
So very very cool! Makes me feel a part of something grand.
(Even though I didn't have anything to do with it.) :-)
Thats excellent:)
Coolest 'verse news in months.
Wow.....wicked awsome! :D
What Trek_Girl42 said. This is beyond cool.
FYI, since this site (unlike most of the others i've put up over the years) is actually hosted somewhere other than my home DSL, I'm probably going to put up a chat program linked to a channel on the Blitzed IRC server, in case people want to hang out on launch day.
there is really nothing I love more than exploration, the hope of new discovery and in particular, the hope of space exploration. I love that the dvds went into space -- it definitely made me tear up!

Very Cool indeed!

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