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June 02 2007

K-Ville trailer now online. Shawna Trpcic (costume designer for Firefly & Angel) is moving to New Orleans to work on a new show called K-Ville. The first trailer is available online.

Forwarding message from Shawna:
Hi all. Here is a clip from K-Ville. If you want to see the costumes I did and the series I will be moving to New Orleans to work on, here it is.

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Oh my god! Was that Holland Manners?
Good thing I heard her on the Firefly DVD commentary or I would have no idea how to pronounce her name - now its just the show I don't know to pronounce *g*
Good catch, Joseph! That is indeed Sam Anderson, who played Holland Manners on Angel (and, more recently, Bernard on Lost).

Pumps: Yeah, sorry. I should have spelled that "K-Ville" so the pronunciation was more clear. It's fixed now. And for those who didn't see the commentary, Shawna's last name is pronounces "terp-sick".
Congratulations to Shawna, that should be a really interesting show and an exciting set to work on!
*looks up from studying for his post of the day*

I have been looking forward to this series from the commercials. I mean this is the BEST way -- it looks more like a series on FX (home of The Riches, Nip/Tuck, The Shield, Thief) -- gritty, adult, real. I hope it comes out that way, and doesn't go down in flames thanks to the Fox Network's itchy trigger finger. Good luck, Shawna, and thanks to all on this show for sending some love and some business to the folks of New Orleans!! *hopes for the best, goes back to studying for finals* :-)

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