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June 03 2007

Knocked Up: Alan Tudyk Interview. A short video interview at the premiere of the Judd Apatow film "Knocked Up".

"you kinda have to play a straight guy" just didn't come out right in my head... I understand now she means a character that's not funny, but for a second I was like "Is Alan Tudyk gay?! AWESOME!"


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I saw Knocked Up yesterday. I think it suffered from over-hype a bit in my case -- I have a feeling I would have found it much funnier if I hadn't heard for the past couple of months that it was the second coming of comedies.

For those wondering, Alan has about 5-7 minutes of screen time in the movie.

Knocked Up: Alan Tudyk Interview
Rebecca Murray from Hollywood Movies at the world premiere of Knocked Up.

Alan Tudyk ('Jack')
Your role in Knocked Up is hilarious, but you kind of have to play the straight guy. Was that fun?

Alan Tudyk: "It was a lot of fun because I was working with Kristen Wiig and Katherine Heigl in all of my scenes. It was kind of a lot – and Kristen's very, very funny – so it was a lot about just kind of knocking it up and then she would just crack it out, and she did it every time. Every time."

How much of it was in the script and how much was what you came up with on the day?

Alan Tudyk: "I'd say it's about 50/50 or 75/25 with 75 made up. But you know the way that Judd works is that it's fluid from the beginning. From the audition it's fluid. You know, you walk in with the script and then you get done with your lines and it's, 'And keep going and keep going…' Then what I did in the audition became what I was supposed to do on the day. And then, 'What else is there?' That adds to that and that adds to that…"

We're going to see a lot of extra things on the Knocked Up DVD is what you're saying.

Alan Tudyk: "He turns on a camera and it rolls until the film stops pretty much. So there's just miles of film of people improv'ing and having a good time."

And you've got 3:10 to Yuma too, right?

Alan Tudyk: "Yes."

And that's a serious role?

Alan Tudyk: "Yes, it is. Definitely, it is a serious movie. I play Doc Potter. He's a veterinarian who kind of gets brought along on the whole trip as the only doctor in town. And there's a lot of doctoring to be done because everyone's dying left and right. Indians attack us… It was a good time."

It's a regular Western and you've done a sci-fi Western [Serenity]. Are you trapped in this Western genre?

Alan Tudyk: "Not at all. It was great just to do a Western. I've always wanted to do a Western. I'm from Texas originally and it was gunslinger type stuff. There's no moment of showdown in any kind of 'at 12 o'clock noon people are drawing on each other,' but it is a full gunslinger Western."
That is a fun interview, thank you Dym for the link! I love seeing Alan Tudyk and I hope to see all his movies.
My daughter and her boyfriend went to see Knocked Up yesterday.

They came back just raving about Alan. She knows him of course from Serenity, but she said although his part is short, he's just amazing!
Update: Knocked Up took in $29 million over the weekend... it cost $30 million :)

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