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June 03 2007

'Can't Stop the Serenity' screening in Ottawa. It'll be on June 23rd (Joss' birthday dontyaknow) and tickets are $10 now or $12 on the door.

If anyone else wants to plug their charity Serenity screenings in the comments section of this blog entry, please do so. Cause fandom is lovely and it's all for a good cause.

If anyone else wants to plug their charity Serenity screenings...

In the Portland of Oregon, birthplace of the charity screenings movement, PDX Browncoats, Film Action Oregon, and The Portland Mercury present Can't Stop The Serenity 2007, to benefit Equality Now and the Women's Film Initiative.

Last year, the Portland of Oregon raised more than $7,200 for Equality Now -- more than any other participating city (winning The Grizwald), and more than 10% of the global take of $65,000. This year, we top it.

Tickets are $13 in advance and $18 at the door on the day of show. Friday, 22 June, doors open for pre-screening activities at 7:00 PM and programming begins at 8:00 PM. Saturday, 23 June (Joss' birthday), doors open for pre-screening activities at 1:00 PM and programming begins at 2:00 PM.

You also will have the opportunity to make an additional donation to Equality Now and/or the Women's Film Initiative when purchasing your tickets online. If you do, you'll get an extra something special at the show.

FYI, if you're coming to one of our two screenings and didn't get in on our pre-orders for t-shirts and posters, we've opened up orders again, based upon what we ordered. No shipping; these are to be picked up at the shows.

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Just to say it's spelled Ottawa.
And to think my ancestors founded Canada, cheers.
If anyone else wants to plug their charity Serenity screenings...

The original Alamo Drafthouse of Austin Texas--featured in the double-feature "Grindhouse" and mentioned on tv's "Heroes"--is hosting a fine evening of Serenity and Whedonverse joy. (Browncoats from the Austin area--who are not me--put it together.) The always fun and raucous Alamo is advertising and packaging this event in a variety of cool ways, a sampling of which follows: Joss Whedon's Birthday: Buffy Sing-Along ;
Joss Whedon Birthday Show: Serenity --with special Serenity Menu items available! and Joss Whedon Triple Feature! ; Midnight Showing of the Buffy and Angel Finales ; Triple Feature with (or without) Serenity Menu Feast!
Tickets are available for all of these packages and events.

The organizers and other Texas Browncoats can certainly say more. I am simply so proud of what's being done here and across the globe for Equality Now. And we have Drafthouse Henri, dammit. (He's the author of much of the Alamo's film descriptions and adverts. He's also one excellent theatre and sing-along emcee. Come to Austin. You will see what I mean.)

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Simon wrote
If anyone else wants to plug their charity Serenity screenings in the comments section of this blog entry, please do so.

I'll plug mine. Wait, I don't have one. So I'll plug them all.

Serenity Charity Screenings/

Saturday, 16 June 2007
Dublin, Ireland (on sale)
Oxford, England

Sunday, 17 June 2007
Silicon Valley, CA (on sale)

Thursday, 21 June 2007
Des Moines, IA (on sale)
Glastonbury Festival, England (sold out!)
Pittsburgh, PA
Phoenix / Tempe, AZ (on sale)
Raleigh, NC (on sale)

Friday, 22 June 2007
Arlington, VA (on sale)
Chicago, IL (on sale)
Graz, Austria
Los Angeles, CA (on sale)
New York, NY
Philadelphia, PA
Portland, OR (on sale)

Saturday, 23 June 2007
Adelaide, SA (on sale)
Atlanta, GA
Arlington, VA (on sale)
Auckland, NZ
Austin, TX (on sale)
Boston, MA (on sale)
Champaign, IL (on sale)
Charlotte, NC (on sale)
Cleveland, OH
Dallas / Fort Worth, TX (on sale)
Denver, CO (on sale)
Edinburgh, Scotland (on sale)
Edmonton, AB (on sale)
Las Vegas, NV
London, England
Madison, WI (on sale)
Melbourne, VIC (on sale)
Minneapolis, MN (on sale)
New York, NY
Ottawa, ON (on sale)
Paris, France
Philadelphia, PA
Portland, OR (on sale)
Sacramento, CA (on sale)
St. Louis, MO (on sale)
San Francisco, CA (on sale)
Seattle, WA (on sale)
Sydney, NSW (on sale)
Toronto, ON (on sale)
Tucson, AZ (on sale)
Vancouver, BC (on sale)

Sunday, 24 June 2007
New York, NY
Tampa, FL

And there are at least some other cities talking about having screenings.
Addendum to Portland's bit above.

We're pleased to announce that Scott Allie -- Joss Whedon's editor at Dark Horse Comics -- will be our guest for the Friday night screening. Doors open for pre-screening activities at 7:00 PM and programming begins at 8:00 PM. Tickets are $13 in advance and $18 at the door on the day of show, and are available online or at the Hollywood Theatre box office. Among other things, Allie worked on Serenity: Those Left Behind and the forthcoming Serenity: Better Days, and edits the current Buffy: Season 8 series. Our thanks to Allie for wanting to help make this year's events in the Portland of Oregon, birthplace of the charity screenings movement, even better than last year.

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AH! Joss Whedon and I have the same Birthday!

The North Texas screening has a Q&A with Jane Espenson and a performance by Cedric of the Bedlam Bards prior to the film on Saturday, 23 June. Tickets at .
I can plug, too, so I will...
Our Serenity screening in Sacramento will be at the Century Stadium 14 across the street from Cal Expo. Just visit the Sacramento Browncoats site for more information, including ticket prices, raffles, t-shirts and more.
Toronto, June 23rd at the Regent Theatre, 551 Mount Pleasant Ave. Doors open at 1:00 to give us time to sell Tshirts and run a silent auction before the movie.
After the movie, as we wipe away our tears, we will have the draws for the very shiny door prizes then turn the silent auction into a live auction with items like a mini sheet with signatures from Morena, Christina, Tim Minear and Robert Lee. Then we all head off for dinner.
We have a 400 seat theatre to fill and a determination to double the $2,000.00 we donated last year. See our blog for more details.
justdevin wrote:
The North Texas screening has a Q&A with Jane Espenson

Ok. I'm jealous of the North Texas people. That's excellent. Good show!
You'd think our show here in SoCal would have a little more to announce. But alas, we just have the movie showing, cool stuff for sale, and a desire to at least top last year's total. So if you want to attend on June 22nd at 10 PM in Pasadena, go to our site

We have tickets still on sale, but they are going fast. And also CSTS shirts, posters and a chance to donate more to Equality Now and have more chances in our "Thank You" drawing.
Okay, in Graz, Austria we "only" got local heroes, as monochrom and Christian Fuchs, but if anyone wants to send an American face (except Arnold Schwarzenegger, keep him) our way, do it. We'll be very pleased.

Another special: Graz is the only city to have a theoretical discussion on Science-Fiction (June, 21st), the day prior to the screening (June, 22nd) as part of the event. Its title:

"I Aim to Misbehave!"
Reassessing Science-Fiction: Dystopia and Utopia, rebellious pathos and perpetuation of reactionary thinking, transgressive body-politics and maintenance of paternalistic gender-concepts.

One lecture will be on Scottish SF-writer Iain M. Banks, the second on the depiction of the connection between the Female and the Eerie in Science-Fiction, and what this connection has to do with Colonialism.

You'll be able to listen to these lectures on Radio Helsinki the local free radio station a few weeks after the event, as you'll be able to listen to massive propaganda over there, even on the website. I'll keep you posted on everything on the event's website!

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The Arizona Browncoats are hosting two nights of shindiggery in celebration of CSTS. We have a screening in Tempe on Thursday, June 21st at the Centerpoint 11 and one in Tucson on Saturday, June 23rd at the Loft theater.

At the Tempe screening we will have a costume contest, raffles, and goodie bags. We were lucky to score a Kaylee replica parasol autographed by Jewel Staite. We are also hoping to have the newly restored Ariel Ambulance on hand.

In Tucson we will be showing both Serenity and Once More With Feeling. And they also will have a costume contest and raffles. And the Loft also boasts ice cold beer and gourmet pizza. Yumm!

Our tickets are on sale now at all Bookmans Entertainment Exchanges. For more info go to
Does anyone know what's going on with the London screening, please?
heb, there's a thread on London on the UK boards.
Sweet! I live right near the Mayfair! I must now notify all my Browncoat friends.
The Austin, TX Serenity screening is now sold out. Tickets are still available for the Buffy sing-a-long and Buffy/Angel finales.

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