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June 03 2007

Podcast Movie Reviewers Give More Love to Waitress and Knocked Up. Admitting a man-crush on Nathan Fillion, along with comparing him to Cary Grant, these two guys do a great job of reviewing both films. A little love is also given to Alan Tudyk and Serenity.

Listen to the Waitress review here:
and Knocked Up here:

The casts are long (over an hour each) but in each one the film in question is discussed near the beginning of the show.

I haven't had time to listen to the podcasts, but I wanted to respond to the Cary Grant comparison. When I was watching Waitress, I thought exactly the same thing. Certainly, NF does not resemble Grant physically, and I'm not certain he could pull off the urbane characters Grant did so well, but he does have the same ability to switch characters and genres, from drama to comedy and back again. He has that same versatility, and, with luck, he will have a career that lasts as long. (I also thought he could pull off the roles Jimmy Stewart played -- and perhaps that comparison is more apt -- but the same kind of versatility comes into play, nevertheless.)
Knocked Up #2 and Waitress #6 in the top ten Weekend Box Office.

Box Office Mojo Weekend chart

Whoo-hoo! And Whoo-hoo!

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