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June 04 2007

(SPOILER) Comic Book Resources preview for Runaways #27. The preview contains Michael Ryan's colored pages, but no text, so very light on the spoilers.

Oh, who needs sparkling dialogue anyhow?

I just got round to reading issues 25 and 26 a few days ago and I absolutely loved them. I can't wait to see what Joss has in store in issue 27. :)

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Evil dead time-traveling parent hijinks ensue!

Or ensure, as I originally had that. But what they ensure is a mystery to me.
The panel where Chase cringes away from the menacing holographic image of his Dad made my heart break a little.

And the CBR article has me intrigued - there have been rumors that we'd get a new Runaway, but I'd always assumed it would be an established character, not a brand new one. Can't wait to meet him/her/Skrull gender neutral.
OK, it needs to be about June 27th right now, since now I really really can't wait for this issue (as opposed to being merely impatient before).
Seriously, MegL42. And to be June 6 (Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight #4) and July 4 (ASTONISHING X-MEN #22).

This whole linear-progression-of-time thing's getting old.

Rocks merrily side to side, thinking, "Buffy's coming out in just two days." Stops. Resumes middle age.
Ooh, I want it now. *wishes for dialogue* But Michael Ryan's art is growing on me, although his Chase still leaves something to be desired. Cause Alphona's Chase was hot and Ryan's Chase is just a little too... jocky. I think it's the chin.

New Runaway? Oh no, who's leaving?? Anyone else notice how there's only ever six of them and Old Lace?

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