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June 04 2007

BtVS vs. ED meds? Jan Chipchase travels the world for Nokia looking at the ways people interact with media. Recently, he saw these Chinese herbal supplement products. Who do we spy on the packaging? (Link possibly not safe for work).

Should have a NSFW tag.

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That is pretty funny. I can believe them using Buffy and Angel on these products.
Although shouldn't there be some warning label about what happens if the guy achieves "perfect happiness"?
Heh. There's something there about Mr Pointy being more Mr Droopy or maybe keeping the 'wood' in your stake that i'm totally not touching. I think i've grown ;).

And NSFW ? I suppose I can see it if you, like, work in a convent or something ;).

(also, I hope they mean the good herbal i.e. "made from herbs" and not the bad "made from endangered species" kind)
Um, Saje... I think you pretty much made the jokes already. Don't grow up too much, though.

I think it's usually pretty difficult to tell what's in "herbal" drugs.

My monitor just turned blueish in the middle of typing that. No joke. It's gone now but... NSFM, if your monitor is mine, and perhaps if you make fun of (magical power-having?) Saje.
Please tell me that I'm not the only person who looked at the headline before clicking on the link and thought ED meant Eliza Dushku.
Simon, I have no idea what I thought... because I didn't actually read the headline. I'm really bad about that. I skipped that first bit of text (acronym blindness) and was drawn instead to the one that said "Chinese herbal supplement products." And then I never looked back.
That didn't actually occur to me, I just assumed 'ED meds' were a US thing and the acronym/abbreviation (is it a true acronym if the 'word' is a name ?) would be explained in the article (which they aren't - exclusively anyway ;) - and which it was).
Simon, it's okay. For a second I was thinking it meant Evil Dead.
You weren't the only one, Simon.
I thought it was "Ed" the TV show. Yes, I am lame.
Me too. Maybe it was because I was talking about Tom Cavanaugh with my friends yesterday.

For a moment, I thought there was going to be a crossover series between Ed and BtVS.:)
In my game, ED stands for 'Emotional Disturbance'.

Which is what the Fox/Whedon lawyers will probably be experiencing upon clicking that link. ;-)

And THAT product BTW, is just about the only 'Buffy' merchandise NOT in my collection! Should I feel deprived?
If you don't have Chinese herbal supplements, of course you should feel deprived!
Sometimes the world is just too strange, even for me. And that is strange indeed. I guess we who are just fans and not copyright lawyers should be proud and pleased that Joss's creation is recognized in China. And the irony factor is off the scale if you know the show, which I like to think would please Joss in some perverse way :)
Saje .... right there with you hoping it's not the made from endangered species kind of "herbs".
Oh, sure, you get a night of great passion. But the morning after is killer.

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