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June 04 2007

Another Ask Matt Buffyverse Mention. Matt Roush brings up Buffy and Angel again in his regular column.

There are actually a couple of Buffyverse mentions. One being a follow up to the previously discussed comparisons made between Angel and Moonlight and another where Matt compares Sarah Michelle Gellar to Heroes star, Hayden Panettiere.

I truly hope we haven't come across that way towards "Moonlighting". I know we had some tongue in cheek words about the similarities to "Angel", but I found them to be good natured in heart. Like most here, I feel David is on the same tier as Joss when it comes to a story and you know he's going to wrap his all into this. I've the feeling, due to the Angel thing, that David will pull a 180 and put this series on its ear. Whatever the fact, I'm sure it will be interesting. I'm certainly looking forward to it. Feels so good to have David back on television again.
Supernatural or not, it's all about character and how a writer uses the conventions of any genre to illuminate themes about life, love, destiny, coming-of-age, redemption, you name it.

Yep, that pretty much nails it.
Quick request. Could one of the mods edit my Sarah "Micelle" Gellar typo above? I'd do it myself but I don't want to leave one of those ugly "edited" labels on the front page. Makes the place look all untidy.

Can't believe that I go to all the trouble of making certain I spell Hayden Panettiere correctly and then not notice that I have missed a letter out of the name of an actress I've been watching for over a decade! ;)
I quite liked the idea that "Robert" who wrote in to Roush about Angel had for the lead female vampire detective. None of the cited pre-Angel examples or new shows had or have a woman lead...That could give a show a whole different feel, especially with a multi-dimensional character who wasn't just some sort of dark-side femme fatale.

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I believe in giving shows a chance;I was so desperate for anything even semi-genre in the 70s I followed Fantasy Island and would have follwoed Bearcats except I ahd q TYhursday night project and it was cancelled ebfore the projetc closed.

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