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June 04 2007

(SPOILER) Morena Baccarin confirmed for Stargate: The Ark of Truth. Morena will reprise her role of Adria in the upcoming Stargate movie.

I cannot wait until the DVD is released to her as Adria again. I personally found her a bit annoying on Stargate..but no matter. I expect the movie to end this arc with a Bang.
Dang, even the title's a bit of a spoiler. I was hoping they'd finish off the Ori before the movie. :( Now I'm not looking forward to it as much. (Though naturally I look forward to seeing Morena again!)
Nah, the first D2DVD movie was always intended to finish the Ori story. The second is something new (and self-contained).

Good to see she's gonna feature and I hope they do a good job (I was disappointed with some aspects of the SG-1 finale though a lot of it was good). The Atlantis season finale OTOH pretty much rocked IMO.
The Atlantis season three finale was probably the best hour of the series so far, certainly since the two incredible opening episodes of season one. I've loved the show right from the start but I always believed that they were slightly falling short of the full potential that the series setting offered. Good to know that they have finally found that extra little something now that Atlantis is going to be the one and only Stargate show for a while.
Oooooh, Morena :)

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