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May 13 2003

(SPOILER) David Greenwalt on what to expect in Season 5. "To me, it's like a brand-new show."

I miss Lindsey on the show, it'd be nice to see him back.

'Angel' meets 'West Wing' meets 'L.A. Law,'

I can deal with that.
"I am so sick of this no-sun thing." Heh - I love David Greenwalt. Season 5 sounds very exciting.
I would love to see Lindsay, I adore him, but *ahem* he has a real hand again, remember David? He got a "transplant" and got rid of the ceramic one.

Y'know, I always thought Cordelia and Lindsay would end up together....

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Can't wait for Season 5. This is going to be so cool. Wonder what happened to Gunn in the White Room? That stare-down with the cougar was... odd.
I'm thinking that Gunn has become the new link to the Powers That Be, or at least something similar. No Cordy = No Visions, and since the freaky girl in The White Room before was one of the big sources of knowledge W&H had, I'm guessing that's what's up.

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