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June 04 2007

David Pogue as River Tam. Last week, Adam Frucci over at Gizmodo challenged readers to make the New York Times tech guru "as cool as humanly possible," with a little help from Photoshop. For one reader, this meant including him in a Serenity poster.

Did he have to put the newspaper THERE?

I'm going to need therapy. It will take several moons for a shink to wipe that image from my mind. Or a bottle or two of crown royal, which ever comes first.

Nice one, karourly:)
With that hair, he kind of looks like Gene Simmons.
I think we need a new category for inappropriate links. I am ruined for having seen this, and know not how to cleanse my psyche.

This image is enough to invoke a mass psychosis - but we victims all are lacking River's super-intelligence, fighting ability, agility and grace. Not to mention the possibility of catharsis.

Heehee! This is why the irreverence of Gizmodo places it in the same iGoogle collection of RSS feeds that make my day, along with Whedonesque here :D
I am profoundly disturbed.
Quick, Reavers! Get it!
Well personally I'm a little turned on...
I'm not sure which is more frightening, the poster or the post, (by *Apocalypse*) .... or funnier :)
His weapons say 'no', but his eyes say 'yes'.

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