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June 05 2007

Whedon comics editor Scott Allie to appear at CSTS screening. The Portland, OR charity-screening organizers are "pleased to announce that Scott Allie -- Joss Whedon's editor at Dark Horse Comics -- will be our guest for the Friday night screening...."

There will be a talk with the audience prior to the movie, and he will be around during the post-movie raffle for those who want to continue the conversation a little less formally. Among other things, Allie's credits include Serenity: Those Left Behind and the forthcoming Serenity: Better Days, and he edits the current Buffy: Season 8 series.

Our thanks to Allie for wanting to help make this year's events in the Portland of Oregon, birthplace of the charity screenings movement, even better than last year.

Doors open for pre-screening activities at 7:00 PM [Friday, June 22 at Portland's Hollywood Theatre] and programming begins at 8:00 PM. Tickets are $13 in advance and $18 at the door on the day of show, and are available online or at the Hollywood Theatre box office.

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Whoo-hoo, guests at Charity Serenity Screenings! Love it!
What's that feeling...? Oh, right. My jealousy of people who live in or near Portland. Oh well. I wish the event well from afar. :)
More news. As previously mentioned, the Buffy Musical (I apparently missed the whys and wherefores of this no longer being called the Sing-a-Long), is in Portland the same weekend as our charity screenings.

Just announced by them (although I've known for a week or so that this was coming):

Not only does that add up to one awesome weekend of Joss Whedon goodness, but we’re going to be donating $1.00 per ticket from the Buffy Musical to the cause as well!

To give a rough sense of this, Cinema 21 (where the Musical will be) is roughly 500 seats. If they sell out both nights, that's another $1,000 donation to Equality Now via Portland's fundraiser this year.

The Musical is at midnight June 22 and 23 -- that gives everyone plenty of time to go to our charity screenings and the Buffy event, and be contributing to Equality Now all around.

Also all the more reason to make sure you buy your screening tickets early and in advance -- that way, you've got that covered and can also afford to hit Buffy that weekend.

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They must have changed it recently because when I added the link to upcoming screenings
to my favorites recently this year it was "Buffy Sing-A-Long » Upcoming Shows"

Just added it to my favorites again and it is now "Buffy Musical on the Big Screen"

That is really great that they are donating a $1.00 a ticket.

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