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June 05 2007

Metro Detroit Serenity Screenings. These will take place at the Landmark Main Art Theatre August 25th and 26th. (See schedule at bottom of page.)

This is not a charity screening -- hopefully we're still making money for Universal! This is part of their summer Midnight Madness, which also includes the touring Buffy Sing-A-Long on July 6th and 7th.

It's nice to see some Whedonverse action here this summer -- we're not even having a charity screening later this month.

Edited to clarify schedule location.

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It's great to see something in this area.
Shiny! Course, knowing my schedule, I'll never be able to make it. But hopefully lots of other 'Coats will.
Indeed! I don't know if I'll make it to the Serenity showings (I work Friday and Saturday nights), but I have the 7th of July off so I'll definitely be dragging my sister down to see Buffy the Musical. :)
Yay! A Serenity screening in SE Michigan! I felt incredibly stupid for only learning about the charity screenings after they were over, so this makes me happy. And the Buffy Sing-a-long is a must as well. Time to start plotting who to invite to go with me...
shoot, i should have bought some of the southwest 25 dollar plane tickets to detroit i saw yesterday. it would have been awesome to see it with some michigan browncoats
HINT! So any Michigan Browncoats want to suggest to the Main Art Theatre that they sell the Serenity Collector's Edition DVDs at the Serenity screenings. HINT!

Landmark is at the forefront of exhibition, sales of DVDs

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