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June 05 2007

Brett Matthews comments very briefly on Serenity: Better Days. Possibly coming "the later half of this year, September and on."

Awesome. If so, we should get confirmation pretty soon because Dark Horse should release their September solicitations by early next week. Wonder why there hasn't been more on this, if this is the case? I hope Adam Hughes is still doing covers.
Kind of hoping that Scott Allie will have something to say about Better Days when he's at our Serenity screening in a couple weeks.
Ask Scott Allie who is going to Comic-Con for this and Buffy, too.
I've also been wondering about the lack of news regarding Better Days...but I still absolutely cannot wait for it.
Yeah, I was thinking we haven't heard because it's miles off but September's actually only three months away ! Where's the year gone ?

I'll definitely be geting it, probably in singles but I must confess I wasn't hugely impressed with "Those Left Behind", apart from a few moments I found the writing a bit lacklustre (no problems with the art though). Hopefully "Better Days" will be a step up.
I Can't wait for this!! anything, ANYTHING new in the Firefly world is good for me...

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I wonder how long it will be. I agree that Those Left Behind was okay, but not really as complex and interesting as Firefly nor other comics Joss has worked on (such as Fray or Tales of the Slayers). I think the three issue arc was really too short to allow too much plot or character development, it was more like a mini-episode of Firefly.

Do we know will this be a similarly short run, or could we hopefully see something a bit more like a movie, about 8 issues? Or is there the possibility that it could end up becoming a big long running series like Buffy season 8? It certainly seems that Firefly gained a lot of critical attention and fans so I think it could attract as much attention as the Buffy comic revival has.
Last time length was mentioned, it was another 3-issue thing.
I disagree about 'Those Left Behind': they not only had an interesting story which tied in the past events, but they explained a lot about Book leaving, Mal & Simon's relationship worsening, and the destruction of the Blue Hand team which led to the Operative coming on the scene for Serenity. So from my point of view it was a three issue comic which really covered a lot of ground, bridging the gad between the TV show and the movie.

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