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June 05 2007

Jay and Jack's Ramblecast Recommend Serenity. Jay and Jack of The Lost Podcast "fame" recommend Serenity as one of their films to see in episode 3.1 of their Ramblecast-The First of the Third. They discuss it at about the 1:08 mark, if you want to skip to it. They discuss Firefly for a bit a little earlier too.


Explain 'Jay and Jack of The Lost Podcast "fame"', please.
Jayhawk35, are you "Jay" of Jay and Jack?
Dym, hopefully he's not Jay or even Jack, or he'd doing something that's not allowed in Whedonesque, which is post your own stuff, at least as an entry for the front page.
No, I'm in Kansas City, and Jay and Jack are in North Carolina. I just enjoy their show, and was surprised today when they recommended Serenity. I enjoyed it when they reviewed Firefly a while back (episode 2.3), after Nathan was on Lost.

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Jay and Jack's Lost podcast isn't a fame...but it is entertaining! I listen to it as religiously as Whedon-subject podcasts. Highly recommended.

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