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June 06 2007

Buffy #4 out today. This is the final part of 'The Long Way Home' arc and the next issue will be out in August. Analysis of the sales of the first two issues can be found over at The Beat: "If the book can maintain even half these numbers once Buffy creator Joss Whedon hands it over to other writers, it'll still be a massive success".

A spoiler thread for the discussion of what happened in issue 4 will be posted later on today.

I'm so excited! Can't wait until Friday!
I can't believe we have to wait till August for the next one.
And we have to wait 'til 26th June for Runaways #27, with the beautiful sepia photograph style cover.
At least they're not all coming out on the same days anymore. Whedon Wednesday was great fun, but now although you wait awhile for Buffy, you get some Runaways in the interim.
Got to Big Planet Comics just as the manager was turning around the OPEN sign on the door.

Early lunch ensued. I wish to report having been completely awesomed.
My comic book store doesn't open for another hour, I can't wait!!
I don't think readership will drop off when new writers take over, particularly with that incredible Faith cover!
Good for you, having it already! It's quite a long time until it gets here to the very few retailers. Here=Hungary.
(And this was my very first comment at Whedonesque. Wow.)
Worth the wait, brown_h, and welcome!
I'm with Pointy. Awesomed! Can't wait to discuss it in the spoiler thread when it appears.
Hopefully that will be soon but for the time being I've created a thread over at if people want to discuss the issue.

OMG. Just 52 minutes until I get out of school. I'm totally going to run to the comic book store! :)
Right I've found a suitable link for the front page so those eager to post about what they thought of it, can now do so :).
Totally read it. Totally loved it. Joss is evil, but then we knew that, and he's evil in a fun way.

Spoiler in invisi-text:

I wish to report having been completely awesomed.

I'm glad. :) If Pointy is awesomed, I think odds are good I will like the issue.

After work, to the comic store I go.
I got to my comic shop at about 11:30 and they only had 2 copies of the alternate cover left (but about 50 of the regular ones). It was a close call, but I got them both.

As for what was inside, wow! That was pretty damned kick awesome. Although I am a little pissed off about [I don't know how to do spoilers].
Next issue sounds even more exciting.
I cannot believe that I let life distract me so much yesterday that I forgot to go to the store! Now I have to wait for lunchtime. (tapping foot)
Of all the Big Bads, Warren is the one I most wanted to stay dead. Oh well. Looking forward seven weeks to Issue 5!
Now that I've gotten it, I'm a little sorry that I wasted the energy anticipating it. I was very disappointed by this issue.

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