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June 06 2007

James Gunn blogs about Jenna's back and the Saturn Awards - with photos of Nathan Fillion. Nathan presented James with the Filmmaker's Showcase Award. There are photos of Nathan as you've never seen him - our gentle, caring hero. ;>

There's also a link to a May, 2007 Gunn/Fillion interview at, which I haven't seen posted yet on whedonesque.

James' blog is set to public.

I was so glad to read that Jenna is making quick improvements. Gods, how scary to fall down a staircase, and then find out you broke your back in FOUR places! That woman is way braver than me, that's for sure. You GO, Jenna! :-)

Also, yes, our kind and gentle hero kindly and gently flipping off James, who responds by reporting on The Fillion's, er, secrets. What a kind and gentle, heroic relationship that is. See -- heroes are human, that's what I'm sayin', yo! ;-)
Ah yes, that old conundrum. Well, I think there's a difference between irreverence among friends and being classless. I also think there's just being human. We regular folks tend to hold Nathan and people like him to a higher standard of behavior, but like you partially wrote billz, he hikes and plays Halo, hosts barbecues, hates rude drivers, and mostly just lives like a regular person. Ahhhhh. So refreshing. Flip away, Nathan. And James' blog, like all his blogs, fun-nee. Will Rooker and James one day expose their secret love? Only time can tell. :>)

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lol @Tonya J. And you mean Nathan is not a perfect superhero?? damn! I have been bamboozled. I do love the jesting amongst friends, i joke like that with a friend of mine. At least I hope they are jokes....
Oh, yeah, I'm totally with y'all. I was just poking fun at them, no negativity intended. This is the "one of us" thing -- since they are friends, James and Nathan can say the worst, meanest, nastiest s*** about each other, and it's pretty funny. But if someone who didn't know them well said such trash talk, that would be weird or oogy, not funny. My friends and I use very mean slang about each other when we're together; if anyone else used those words to us or about us -- dude, there would be fightin', kind heroes or no kind heroes, yo! ;-)
On a related note, there's a link there to an interview with James and Jenna and they're the cutest thing ever.
That picture of Nathan flippin' the bird at his speech is hysterical! Can't you just hear him muttering the words? LOL!
James: Hey, Nathan, thanks for agreeing to present me my Saturn Award. By the way, sorry about Drive getting cancelled, dude. Bet that sucks, huh?

Nathan: Yeah. Oh, by the way, that reminds me of something I wanted to tell you.

James: Oh? What's that?

Nathan: Fuck you, fat ass. *sips his beer*

I am just thinking every blog needs pictures of Nathan
Not to get all philosophical, but the Hero *does* need a best friend for the journey. James is Enkidu to Nathan's Gilgamesh, yo. ;-)

(If either guy is reading this, stop laughing. I can totally kill either of you with my brain. Or my breath. It's early ;-)
Or Jalad to his Darmok. Oops, my geek is showing ;).

Tis true, sometimes the heart of friendship is finding a shoulder to lean on, someone to carry you when you can't crawl any further, other times it's obscene gestures, insults to make a sailor blush and threats of involuntary buggery. Life, eh ? S'complicated ;).
Yes, you read a 3000 year old Babylonian flood myth. I'll try not to faint. Gee, just happy I know the reference.

I love how these people (Nathan and Alan and James and Jenna and Rainn and Rooker) are all real people who have friends and hang out and joke and BBQ. They're not a bunch of airheads who just go clubbing and have BFFs that they trash to the tabloids the next day.

Strength without violence and only kill the zombies. Hero.
"Or Jalad to his Darmok. Oops, my geek is showing ;).

But only at Tanagra.

I had a comparative lit professor, lady in her mid-60s, who was obviously a Star Trek (TNG) fan. She pointed out when these shows reference ancient hero tales. Remember how the Borg were defeated in "Best of Both Worlds"? Same as Gilgamesh when (**spoiler**) he failed to bring Enkidu back to life.

That's why kids need to pay attention in school, so they can understand these blogs. Anyone who fell asleep in biology wouldn't understand why "mother bird feeding" is not so calming. (Although hysterical to read about.)
"Or Jalad to his Darmok. Oops, my geek is showing ;).

Geeking is fine, Saje. I knew when you posted that it was TNG, so "I'm a Geek, You're a Geek, Wouldn't you like to be a Geek, too?" [/Dr. Pepper]. A fine episode too.
Is that how you spell Jalad? It looks like salad. LOL! Darmok was my favorite Next Gen episode ever. Best of Both Worlds was such awesomeness too. What a great show!
I think James blogs about Nathan more than Nathan does. LOL

And that kissing photo is kinda scary in the way that Nathan's hair is reaching out for James. Gravity-defying 'do, actually.
Darmok (his arms open wide)! :-D

Why this board rocks. ;-)
I wonder if James Gunn knows about Nathan's super secret thingy?
I posted the link at his MySpace blog and also at the new James Gunn Appreciation Society. It has its own website now! You guys should check it out if you get a chance. They are having a bit of a database problem at the moment, but pages have been loading pretty well. The Admins who work on it did such a great job.

And a warning. This site is every bit as irreverent as his MySpace profile and blogs. Not child friendly, particularly the entrance page:

James Gunn Appreciation Society
billz, his sails unfurled! :D
Machido. In his name. (Dude, it IS a "Buffy" board! :-D)
Ninja MALi, her eyes downcast.

My sincere apologies. I got carried away in the joy of Darmok. :D

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One time my friend Will and I had a lengthy conversation that involved sexual acts with toasters (no, not Cylons; actual toasters). So I totally get the camaraderie thing.


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