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June 07 2007

Emmy Contender: Julie Benz. Variety gets round to recognising Julie's acting chops in this interview that focuses on her role in 'Dexter'.

About time she received some recognition. I can't think of an actress more deserving. She has always been spot on with her performances. Wishing her the best!
Julie totally deserve an emmy for her role (just like Michael C. Hall). Can't wait for season 2 which thankfully starts this October :)
I'm glad the first season will be on DVD. I don't have Showtime, but I'm glad Dexter can be in my DVD player.
Wasn't she nominated for something for last season -- Emmy or Golden Globe or SAG Award or something? In any case, yes, yes, yes, so deserved. Yay Julie (and Michael C.)! :-)
She won the Satellite Award... but not for the last season, it's for the same season the Emmys will be judged on.

So she's definetely in with a chance.
Finally! It would be about flippin' time she was recognized for the work she is so amazingly capable of doing!

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