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July 31 2002

(SPOILER) Extremely spoilery post at An Angel's Soul Spoiler Board. From someone who claims "If I was ever found out, that is, if someone who visits here often and even posts on occasion were to see me posting this stuff, I would get my butt handed to me on a platter." and therefor posts through an anonimiser.

There's a follow up post too.

Arguably the most interesting bit in this information would be a quote the poster attributes to Joss: "Joss had been asked why he thought it would work out between Angel and Cordy and he said this to Tim Minear himself, “because I didn’t marry my first love, to this day I can’t be in the same room with her or we will rip each other’s heads off. The person I stayed with knew me the best and was really good in the sack. I’m glad I married her.”"

link doesn't... link.
i'm now so curious that i can't contain myself. i'll be running a lap outside...
Oh balls... this is what's infuriating about the boards at Posts run off the archives too soon, or disappear. Can't find them now and didn't copy 'em. I think they were removed because they caused mayhem among B/A shippers.

The poster (called 'Target') posted again with the following info:

Working Titles are as follows:

Episode 4: ‘Like Father Like Son’
Episode 5: ‘Torn Between’
Episode 6: ‘Heaven Sent’<---Subject to change a lot!

Epi 6 is a Joss Whedon show, and supposed to contain a 'first kiss' scene between Cordelia and Angel.

The gist of Target's posts:
- Cordelia will do something to make TPTB kick her out of Heaven.
- She will return to earth 'missing two things Angel needs from her'. (supposedly her visions and her humanity)
- Something Doyle said in Episode 1, Series 1 will tie in:
Doyle (on Cordelia): "You’ve made a good choice. She’ll provide a connection to the world. She’s got a very – humanizing influence."

- Consulting 'the Axis', Angel will know why Cordelia didn't show up at their meeting in the S3 final.
- Angelus will reappear, but it won't happen like it did last time.
- His soul will be restored, but "that which should release him will bind him" ?
- Connor's to have a love interest, Wes and Lilah will get it on some more
- Theme of the season is "Love".

In previous posts "Target" also identified several 'Foilers', people posting false spoilers deliberately - some of them allegedly employed by M.E.
SHORTFORM: How do we know this guy's legit?

LONGFORM: It shouldn't matter whether someone with M.E. posts in a Voy forum or not. Anyone can post to those forums claiming to be an insider just to be mischieveous or keep their own agenda. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the writers get drunk on occasional weekends and one of 'em goes, "guess what we should do! Let's go into the Cross & Stake and cause mayhem! Start a rumor that Brittany Spears is gonna be in the show this season! That'll be a hootenanny!" And they all get a big laugh at our expense.

Deep Throat in the X-Files series once said, "the best way to hide a lie is to slip it in between two truths." M.E. employees can pose as 'normal' people and any snotnosed kid with a computer can pretend to be an M.E. employee. The end result of this is we have to take everything found online through forums with a grain of salt. It's why I don't personally see much difference between speculation & spoilers. To me nothing is written in stone until the night of the performance.

It's like Schroedinger's cat.

This is also why I find it effortful to accomodate for people who hate spoilers. I do my best out of polite etiquette, but make honest mistakes now and then because I have difficulty thinking like someone who doesn't want a show 'spoiled' for them. I don't see how any speculation spoils anything. It's an alien concept to me.

[ edited by ZachsMind on 2002-07-31 21:48 ]
Target later exposed himself as a 'Foiler' (someone who posts fake spoilers).

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