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May 13 2003

(SPOILER) The WB make it official: Angel is renewed. Check out the cast listing, the new pics and synposis for season 5 (plus download the season 5 poster as well).

Woohooo! But, no Cordy?
No Connor! No Connor! Thank God! Also, mention of visists by the Sunnydale gang gives me hope for the rumored guest shots by Willow and Giles. I'm very confused as to how their going to work Spike into the dynamic though. I like him, but he doesn't fit in my mind as a cast regular.
Wow, look at Marsters' name, right there after Boreanaz'. (I wonder how Alexis feels about that ordering.) The WB will (smartly) be promoting the hell out of him coming over.

As for Cordy, she's not going to be a series regular anymore, but neither was Andy Hallett until recently, and we've seen a lot of Lorne. Given that she was pretty unhappy with where they took her this past season, not to mention being a new mother, it doesn't really surprise me; the flexibility of no longer being a regular likely makes sense for Charisma.
Not to mention that Charisma has a new baby, so maybe occasional 'guest star' *coughsweepscough* is a good place for her, at the moment---and it leaves so many open questions for, dare I say it?, the NEXT season after.
Blessed be. I was really getting worried! Can't wait to see where Spike will fit into the scheme of things. And as much as I miss Cordelia (from Buffy and Angel seasons 1-2.5), I think her absence will not be felt so much since it feels like she's been gone for so long anyway.

Let's wish Vincent Kartheiser best of luck in his future endeavors. I'm sure he's a great guy, his character just grated on us and we are well rid of him.
Ooh, I think I'm getting chills. Mmmmmm... all that sexiness on one screen... Yeow!

I am so very very excited for next season's AtS.

Nice poster, too! :)
Anyone else notice that the girl who played Kendra, the Vampire Slayer is on WB's new show Fearless? I hope she lost the accent.

And, it has Xander's friend who was turned into a vampire and then killed in Season 1. Hmmm, I wonder who else will show up?

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Fred, Gunn and Spike.

No comment.

I'll miss Connor -- he didn't grate with me at all.

But, hey... cool poster.
Actually, the cast photos have been seen before and are being repurposed. The ones of I know for sure: David is from Buffy Season Two and Alexis and J. August are from Angel Season Four. Making my best educated guess on the others, James appears to be from Buffy Season Two, and Amy and Andy appear to be from Angel Season Four.
We haven't seen the last of Connor -- both your parents are vampires and you just vanish into the night of the Jossverse? I don't think so.
I'm not convinced that Connor is completely gone from the show. I could easily see him pop up, possibly as a recurring character.

He never grated on me at all. Yeah, he did a lot of bothersome stuff and he complained frequently, but he had damn good reason. His life sucked beyond the imagining of it; if I were him, I think I'd lose it too.
Connor was a whiny little bitch whose loyalty turned on a dime, willing to believe anything he was told at any given time. In fact, the only time I was ever interested in him was once he found Cordy this last season, and began explaining his reasons for doing things. To be completely honest, I wasn't going to watch this season, because I didn't like Connor and the whole Holtz storyline of Season 3, not to mention by the end of the season, Lorne had left and Wes was basically a subplot, at best. I only tuned in because I found out Lorne was coming back. This season, the writers managed to take a most-hated show by me and make it a very-loved show. I'm glad Lorne made me stick around.
How was Wes a subplot -- he kidnapped Angel's son and then almost died at the end of season 3? I think that Connor would have been saved if he hadn't been screwed over (oops) by Evil Cordy. Before then, if you watch, he was on the road to redemption and loving his father. He had moved out, yes, but he was just a normal teenager, raised in a hell dimension by a foster father who trained him to kill his real dad.
No, that was like the middle of the season. Wes was a subplot in that you never saw him by the end. The end of the season ended with Connor tossing dead old dad in the big pond. Wes was angry at everyone and sleeping with Lilah, and these were very short scenes. In fact, he only really seemed to come out of retirement at the beginning of Season 4 when he went hunting for Angel.

More Wes, more better.
Did anyone else notice that James Marsters is on the cast list?

Does this make anyone else want to run naked through the streets, cheering and weeping joyous tears?
Did anyone else notice that James Marsters is on the cast list?

Does this make anyone else want to run naked through the streets, cheering and weeping joyous tears?
omg do you live in my neighborhood...? erm, i mean that wasn't me you saw streaking down the street, laughing and screaming with joy, it was someone else entirely, really.

anyway, adding marsters is what i needed to come on board as a regular angel viewer. that the wb mentioned that other sunnydale residents will be making guest appearances seals the deal.

connor grated on my nerves as well but that's only because he was playing a teenager so well. imo his behaviour was justified based on his age and his background and i'd be surprised if we didn't see him again at some point.
I think it's unlikely we will see Connor again. The ending of "Home" allowed for Connor to have the normal life he'd so wanted and to have the family he so yearned for.

If they were to bring him back, they would really have to earn it. And it would have to make sense.
Anyone know if Goddard will end up writing for Angel next year?
two things:

1. if goddard writes for angel next season i'll diiiie from the excitement of nearly all of my favorite buffy-verse elements in one place

2. did anyone else think it weird that they used the phrase "where do we go from here?" in the synopsis for next season?!
I'm a bit bummed by Tim Minear not writing for Angel anymore. He really brought a lot of depth to the show. I'm going to have to say that I'm one of those people who thought Connor grated on my nerves. He blamed everyone for everything, and never took responbility upon himself. Can ya tell I'm the mother of a 12 year old! :) I hope Connor is happy with his 'new' family for always and forever.

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