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June 07 2007

David Boreanaz and Michelle Trachtenberg to Join Stories Left to Tell. The two have been announced as part of Naked Angels' production of Spalding Gray: Stories Left To Tell, at the Minetta Lane Theatre in Greenwich Village.

Christopher Gorham, perhaps best-known as accountant Henry Grubstick on "Ugly Betty," will play the role of "Career" (currently being played by TV heartthrob David Boreanaz), beginning June 12 (through June 17). On June 19, TV and film star Michelle Trachtenberg ("Buffy, The Vampire Slayer") will play take on the role (through June 24). Boreanaz ("Bones") began his stint as "Career" last night, Wednesday, June 6 (through June 10).

How awesome! I have a ticket for tomorrow night, and I cannot wait. I almost wish I had a ticket for one of Michelle's nights too. Maybe I can wait outside the stage door one night that she is going to be in town, though, and meet her.
I did actually go and see it on the original date I had tickets for (which was supposed to be DB's first night before his run was switched... but that's when I was in NYC the last time, so that's when I went) - the play itself was well done (helps if you like Spalding). Dylan Walsh (whom I'd never seen in anything before, I don't think) was in the role DB is in now, and was OK, not great, sort of muffed one of my favorites of Spalding's monologues.

I hope people who see DB and Michelle in it will give us their impressions of it - I'm curious to know how they did. Especially the "Our Town" monologue, please!

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I will definitely post my thoughts once I get home tonight. As for Dylan Walsh, he's one of the stars of Nip/Tuck. I know almost nothing about Spalding Gray other than the fact that my friend is pretty sure he saw him on the Staten Island ferry not long before he died.
I remember seeing Spalding on the subway back when I lived in Manhattan. It sounds stupid to say this, but he didn't look happy. Then again, he was on the subway... ;-)

After you see it, I recommend renting "Swimming to Cambodia" and some of his other monologues on film - they're a lot of fun and very smart. Although some of the lines about suicide and depression are difficult to hear now.

And by the way - very small theater. Had DB shown up when he was originally supposed to, I'd have spent about 45 minutes 10 feet away from him. Frak! Have fun, Tara!
I saw the show last night and thought it was really well done. I had a vague familiarity with Spalding Gray and his work and had, honestly, resisted seeing the show because I thought it would be pretty depressing as it would have to include treatment of his suicide, etc... but bought a ticket once I saw the announcement that DB would be in it.

I enjoyed the whole thing much more than I expected. I thought the whole cast was great and DB more than held his own (who knew he had a Richard Nixon impression up his sleeve?). It's so interesting to see the work of someone like that who usually performed it himself performed by others... it really did make it a lot more universal.

An unexpected bonus... there was a talkback after the show with the director, two of the regular cast members and DB. Very cool!
I really enjoyed the play. David was entertaing and hilarious. His timimg and inflections are great, even if it was apparent that he was reading from the notebook in his hands. He was also really fun to watch while the other actors were talking. The Our Town monologue was particularly funny. And I got to meet David before and after the show. He signed my program and took a picture with me, but he wouldn't sign my Angel DVD. Apparently, he wouldn't sign anything Angel related, but Bones stuff was OK. The weird thing was there were four of us waiting for him before the show, and the two guys with the Bones stuff didn't even have tickets for the show... Oh well, what you gonna do. At least I got to meet him and get a picture and autograph. :)
Color me various shades of green! Sounds like a great time - glad you got to meet him.

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