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June 08 2007

Mark Sheppard at Dragoncon. According to his Myspace page, Mark Sheppard will be appearing at Dragon*Con 2007.

Our first Firefly/Serenity celebrity for the convention - may he be the first of many to come!

(Periods at the ends of link titles please, people! -Z.)

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Sorry - it was early here and I was excited. ::hangs head in shame::

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Hopefully the first of many to come. I haven't picked up my tickets yet, since they haven't announced anyone, but if I wait much longer the prices will go up a lot more.
AFF ... James Marsters is supposed to be there too.
Whomever attends, please give us a report. Thanks!
Woo! That's awesome... bout time someone in this corner of scifi got on the list. I'm already planning on going due to the ridiculous number of Stargate, BSG, and Trek actors, but this just adds to the awesomeness!
Looks like they added Ron Glass too!

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