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June 09 2007

Ron Glass to appear at Dragoncon. Shepherd Book is alive and well; here's proof!

Hooray for my first post!

I'm so excited about DragonCon this year. We got our tickets before we even knew that James Marsters, Katie Sackoff, Jamie Bamber, Ron Glass, and Mark Sheppard were going to be there! I can't wait to see who else they add. Who all from this site is going?
Edited to link to relevant Ron Glass info on the Dragoncon site.
Yay! Finally the number of celebrities is going up quickly! For a while there, there were only a small number of people actually on the list, but now it's finally getting long. I can't wait! Too bad I can't buy advance tickets because one of my teachers might sic me with an evil assignment that weekend... but then again it's my first weekend of school so I doubt it.
I'm probably going to go, but my parents don't want to order early...because if James is still going to be going closer to the date, my fam all wants to go! Otherwise it'll just be me and my dad. We went the past 2 years, although we only went for a day last year, its always been fun. And I still remember how fantastic Ron Glass was, I got a great picture with him!
It's very cool to hear Ron will be at Dragoncon.

Up until a few days ago, I was thinking they weren't going too have Firefly /Serenity guests at all.

I think they should update his bio page though, this part seems a little out of date:

Most recently Ron starred with a wonderful ensemble of actors in the TV series FIREFLY, and this fall he will be appearing in the movie sequel, SERENITY.
Dragoncon had some problems with their webmaster this year. Updates weren't being made timely and he wasn't getting back to folks about their information. Looks like he finally got around to listing guests and other news for the 2007 con. (If not updating their info ;))
I'm so glad there's finally some Firefly people on the D*Con guest list. I'll be going this year with some of my family and friends. We're taking the midbulk transport down the east coast and watching Firefly the whole way down. According to mapquest, we'll have exactly enough time to watch the whole series. Now the problem is what to watch on the way back...?
Well, the Collector's Edition of the BDM will be out by then, so you can watch the two-disc set on the way back, and play filk CDs for sing-alongs! :D
i'll be there!!! went last year and it was awesome! got to meet nicholas brendan, james leary(clem), claire kramer(glory), ken feinberg(chaos demon), andy hallet(lorne), summer glau, alan tudyk and many other non whedon stars as well. i highly recommend dragoncon!
I love Ron. As much as I want to meet all the crew, he's the one I most want to hug. You know? He has that big smile and heart warming laugh. I must meet him!

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