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June 09 2007

Tickets still available for Chicago OMWF. Tonight is the last of two showings of Once More With Feeling at the Chicago Musicbox Theatre! There are still tickets left!

The Husband and I are going... can't wait!
My favorite non-singing scene:

WILLOW: ...those guys are checking you out.
TARA: What? (turns to look) Wh-What are they looking at?
WILLOW: The hotness of you, doofus.
TARA: Those boys really thought I was hot? (looks back at them again)
WILLOW: Entirely.
TARA: Oh my god. I'm cured! I want the boys!
WILLOW: Do I have to fight to keep you? 'Cause I'm not large with the butch.
I love that! But I also love Xander when he says...
"respect the crawler and tame the doughnut!"
Shelly;well it's actually "cruller" but who likes to nitpick that much? (well *I* do but I don't mean anything mean by it *grin.)

My city is only 100K so it's too small a venue, sigh-um.

quantumac: I love what that says about how Tara was brought up and she's moved past it.
DaddyCatALSO: it's a shame so many gay and lesbian people are brought up thinking they must be "cured" of who they are, that something is "wrong" with them.
And it rocked!!!! I had so much fun! They showed a Buffy recap of the entire series that was so kick ass. The fan videos they showed were simply fantastic. Loved the one dedicated to Joyce. I had the best time of my life even though I didn't get home until 5:30 in the morning.
Thank you for the report, Harmalicious, it sounds like a blast!
It was absolutely great! (The Husband and I keep saying this to one another... "Man, that was fun!" And by the way, were we the only two there old enough to have seen David Brinkley live on TV? Possibly!) We got home at 3 a.m., so Harmalicious, we won't complain. :-)

Apparently, based on the screaming, I'm not alone in lusting after Marsters. Who knew? ;-)

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