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June 09 2007

News From ASH's Official Website. ASH has been missing from my diet so long my stomach is growling, so I checked out his official site.

Unless you live in a city considered a film capitol, you probably won't see his short film, Amelia and Michael. It will show at the Montreal World Film Festival between 8/23 & 9/3/07. Competition winners are eligible for major awards, including Academy Awards. Check out Actaeon Films MySpace: Actaeon Films.

Also, ASH's website confirms Persuasion will: "Air in Canada on TV Ontario, the North American premiere broadcaster for the drama. An exact air date is not yet known, but is likely to be around Christmas 2007. Persuasion will air in the USA on PBS/WGBH between January and April, 2008, as part of the WGBH Jane Austen Festival."

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Thefatindian, don't write in all caps, please.
I know ASH refers to Mr. Head, but that didn't stop me from clicking on the link hoping to see one Mr. Campbell ;-)
Now if they did a movie or TV series together, can you imagine?

Worlds collide! Men and Women everywhere get the vapors!

Bring it on!!
Oh my God, if Bruce Campbell and ASH did a movie together my head would explode in a shower of awesome brains.

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