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June 10 2007

Universal HD announces upcoming re-runs of Firefly in HD. They've also opened a Firefly board as well.

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Can't get that channel up here (maybe through satellite?), but I wonder if Fox will sell it on HD-DVD any time soon...
Good on ya, General Electric/Universal/NBC!

There. Now, that having been said, I sure wish I could run out and buy an HD TV and then afford the special cable package to be able to view Firefly in HD.
Yes, fans, it's gonna cost some dough to get this.
If you already have High Def TV, Horray!!! If not, get ready to start workin' some overtime.
And...hey...wait a minute...Firefly wasn't shot in HD, was it? (Widescreen, yep. HD, I don't think so.)
If this is true, then it's not gonna really be HD, is it? If I'm not mistaken, you can air something not originally shot in HD on HD television. The picture might be a little better, but it won't be like true High Definition.

But hold on. Any Firefly is a good thing, no? More converts, more love for our BDHs. And come to think of it, seeing how there's a little Firefly Boards opened over there, could this be a way for GE/Uni/NBC to see if there's enough of an audience for Firefly/Serenity to actually start thinking about that SERENITY SEQUEL??

Everybody, real softly now: Squeeeeeee!!
It's a bit of a leap to think Serenity Sequel. Universal have already shown the series in HD once before etc.

It wasn't filmed in HD, so the picture is upscaled to 720p resolution. It does look pretty sweet, although if you don't have a massive TV and good eyesight I doubt you'll be able to tell the difference.
I'm not holding my breath(I'm just blue because of the lighting. No, really...) But if we turn out in force on the HD boards it might make some programing exec start thinking. And maybe doing the math. And possibly thinking more. The HD channel is NEW and it doesn't have its own shows yet, all they are showing is re-runs. Subsequently if they get a show in re-runs that makes a big enough impact and possibly a ton of letters, it might start the lil bean counters counting, and then you know, We can do the impossible.
Umm... I think Firefly was filmed on good old-fashioned celluloid, which is higher res than HD anyway. If it wasn't, it was certainly shot in HD. I don't think they ever "filmed" stuff in SD. As far as I know it went straight from celluloid to HD-digital.

But someone more familiar with camera tech please correct me if I'm wrong.
Which channel is that then? I don't get digital cable, but I have a TV that shows off the HD, but even if I didn't I would want to see Firefly back on TV asap and as often as possible! Of course I'm hoping for a sequel to Serenity, but right now I'm just happy if more people get a chance to see Firefly! So I've joined up at the new forum, thinking "it can't hurt".
So let me get this straight, Universal HD have showing Firefly in HD since September (which as posted here at the time) and have revamped their site adding forums for several of the tv shows they are showing.

Btw one might wonder when 20th Century Fox are going to release Firefly on Blu-ray.
Yup... They've had Firefly on this Channel before, re-done in HD specifically for their Broadcasts. Now they're going to show it again, one month before the release of the BDCE. Coincidence? Unlikely. Gauging reaction for a Sequel? Also unlikely. Needless to say, there aren't that many folk out there able to watch this Channel yet. But that shouldn't keep us from going to their Firefly Forum and making our presence known. It also shouldn't keep us from doing the polite thing, and e-mailing them on July 1st to Thank them for Broadcasting the BDSeries! :)

Speculation about Fox re-releasing the Box Set in HD has been a topic of conversation off and on since last September. It would be nice if they did it, and added more commentaries, etc. to the set (Including, perhaps, an Apology!). -But don't count on it. My feeling is, they're pulling in lots of $$ now, without having to reinvest. So they probably won't... unless the $$ they can gain exceeds the expense.
Now that's just mean.

They'll enlist us in the format wars, but they won't give us another movie? LAME.
I wish they would go ahead and release it on HD disc (either format is fine w/me)---right now I have 14 hours of HD Firefly taking up space on my TiVo...
This is obviously just a forum to advertise the new Serenity DVD. Anyone thinking it means more than that is deluding themselves.
It wasn't filmed in HD

Firefly was filmed in 35mm, gossi. Its resolution is well beyond HD. You're referring to the Special FX shots, which were rendered in standard definition and are upscaled to 1080i for the broadcast.
It's exciting to see Universal adding a forum for Serenity.

Joss talks about HD (or was it Widescreen?) in one of the Firefly episode commentaries. I think its Objects in Space.

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