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June 10 2007

Fox DVD box sets $19.99 at Best Buy. Buffy, Angel, and Firefly are all available for twenty clams per season, or $9.99 if you use this coupon for $10 off.

It bears noting that seasons two of Buffy and Angel are currently on sale at for $17.99.

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I saw the Firefly DVDs for $16.99 at Target just last weekend! And I think Costco had some of the Buffy and Angel DVD sets for $18.99 (but they are very hit and miss). I may go ahead and get the missing sets I still need of Angel from Amazon since they have a great price now!
Always good to know when there's a decent sale price on the BDSeries. Be advised, however, that Target stores have evidently made that $19.95 price tag their Normal price. :)
Don't forget Wonderfalls! :)
You know, sales like this always happen when I have NO money.
Yeehaw! I'll actually have money on Friday! I was starting to think I'd never be able to afford it.
Good news, whedonites with money to burn -- it gets better. I just saw this coupon over at slickdeals, which makes it $9.99 per box set. That even beats Target's price for Firefly! I just used it to buy season one of Tru Calling (season two isn't on sale but is $12.14 on amazon).

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how does one get these coupons? i click on them and get an error message...
When I click on the link to the coupon, I get:

403 Forbidden

I'm guessing you have to navigate through some particular site to get the coupon. It can't be directly linked to.
Ooops, sorry about that. Looks like you have to go to the thread and click on the image there in the first post.
I just used it to buy season one of Tru Calling (season two isn't on sale but is $12.14 on amazon).

The website has S2 listed at $19.99...

I really wish I had the money to pick up Angel 2-4 (I have 1 and 5) as well as Tru Calling. As it stands, I'm looking at picking up two copies of Firefly as gifts...
Dang, I keep missing sales. I just bought all of Arrested Development when it was on sale at Amazon, but it would cost me less here, if I can get my hands on one of those 10 dollar off coupons. And I recently bought Warcraft III: Frozen Throne for 20 bucks, only to go to EB yesterday and find it at 10.

I've got all the Whedon stuff. Maybe I'll buy some Simpsons and King of the Hill though. Or maybe Millennium. I'm an X-Files fan, and I've been meaning to give Millennium a shot.
alpha5099, the coupon is available here for anyone. Just click on the thumbnail image in the first post and print it out coupon-sized (I just used the index card printer preset).

Haikes, it looks like you're right about season two of Tru Calling being on sale at Best Buy. The cashier actually offered to go check for me but I had my toddler son with me and the native was getting restless. It's actually not that much more at amazon considering I have to pay a steep 8.25% sales tax at Best Buy and I have amazon Prime so free shipping for me.
Been seeing all of the Whedon series around the 20 dollar mark at Big W stores lately. Makes me wish I have never seen the shows so I could just buy them and watch 'em again all over!
Grr. I wish this was happening at Canadian Best Buys, too.

Ah well. It's probably for the best, since I've been eyeing that Chosen collection...
Are the Buffy DVDs in slimcases?
Yes...the Buffy DVDs are in slimcases.
The coupon says "do not double" and "No copies". Are you sure that printing out this coupon and taking it to the store works?
That's my question also since it clearly states "no copies". Has anyone used a copy with success?
It worked for me yesterday at my local Best Buy, and appears to be working for the majority of people in that thread. It seems that a few people were denied because the sets are on sale, but it doesn't look like anyone kicked up a fuss over it being a print-out.
Still no plans for an Angel complete collection?

Hmmm... sounds like the coupon works sometimes, depending on the cashier. Many people apparantly were able to get $10 off multiple seasons, despite the coupon claiming 1 per household.

Well, I'm gonna try Best Buy after work today, wish me luck! (I need Angel 2-4)
I'm definitely looking to get Buffy season 5, 6 and 7, but I also want 24 season 5. Hmm...what can I do...
I picked up Angel 2-4! For only $50 (I used the coupon for an additional $10 off, though the cashier looked at me funny, it worked fine.)
I got The Shield Season 5 for $9.99. The cashier seemed hesitant to ring it up (or maybe he just works really slowly), but he ultimately didn't question me about it.
You're kidding, The Shield has had 5 seasons already?
The coupon worked fine for me. I needed Angel season's 4 & 5 so I printed out two coupons (coupon sized) and they rang them up just fine. However, they DO NOT work on the regular sized sets. Only the slimsets, at least thats what I got. I'm sure you could argue your way into the regular sized sets but being as I wasn't sure about the coupon and all, I settled for the slim sets!
"Settled" for the slim sets? They're a marked improvement over that atrocity of DVD case engineering that was the roadmap-foldout-set. Ugh. I hate those.

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